Tackling the Bracelet Display Dilemma

by Susan Anderson.

One of the problems I have noticed at recent art shows is that of displaying bracelets so they are attractive as well as easy to grab so they can be tried on or looked at more closely.

Stone Bracelet Display

Stone Bracelet Display

I have been using the typical bracelet T bar display stands. They definitely make an attractive appearance but are a challenge to those wanting to try them on.

If the bracelet they are looking at is not close to the end of the bar, all prior pieces need to be removed. I also wonder how many times they get passed by because someone doesnโ€™t want the hassle of fiddling with the display.

So I have been playing around with some new ideas of display to resolve this issue. My thoughts are to incorporate table props as new jewelry displays that are more user friendly. Here are four ideas I am thinking about.

The first idea is to use my table accent stones. I can lay some opened bracelets across a stone, which could be easy to pick up and try on.

Bracelet Bowl Display

Bracelet Bowl Display

The second idea is to place some of my lower priced bracelets into a bowl so they can be rummaged through. Not as attractive, since everything is jumbled together, but easy to get at and fun for those who like to rummage.

Bookend Bracelet Display

Bookend Bracelet Display

The third idea is using two bookend sculptures to place a few bracelets around.

The final idea is using a paper mache hand to drape a few bracelets from.

Paper Mache Hand Bracelet Display

Paper Mache Hand Bracelet Display

I would still use a few T bars, but put few bracelets onto them. I do have enough room on my table to add these new ideas, because most of my pieces such as necklaces, pendants and earrings hang from a display on the side walls of my tent.

Susan Anderson
Earthy By Design
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  • Susan, I like how all the displays you’re testing go with the look and feel of your earthy jewelry and your overall business. I agree that many mainstream jewelry displays make it difficult for customers to interact with the bracelets on them. My personal “rule of thumb” for displaying bracelets is that the customer should be able to use just one hand to pick up the bracelet from the display. (Unless they are pricey bracelets that need more security.)

  • Thanks for your feedback Rena. How do you display your bracelets?

  • Natasha says:

    Lovely ideas Susan and they will make your table look more unique and visually interesting! I know how you feel about wanting your pieces to be tried on. I do use a T bar but don’t do the bracelets up and let them drape so people do pick them up and try them on more. And with my cheaper bracelets I use a few white rectangular plates and make 3 small neat stacks of bracelets on each in colours that go together for people to sift through, of course I have to keep neatening them up every so often ๐Ÿ™‚

  • zoraida says:

    I really like the stone and statue displays in particular. They look neat and not difficult to keep that way. The bracelet bowl might be nice for displaying bracelets of a similar style or sale items.

  • Robin Miller says:

    I really like the look of displaying bracelets on rocks, but they are heavy. This weekend at a show in Vermont I saw another jeweler with a simple, wonderful display of a long, thick driftwood branch, whitewashed and on its side, with bracelets draped over the top.

  • Khurshid Khoree says:

    Thanks for sharing the great way of displaying bracelets. The stone and statue display was inspiring. Would appreciate if you have similar ideas for displaying necklaces and earrings other than the normal busts and earring stands.

  • Hi Khurshid,

    Here at Jewelry Making Journal you can see creative ways to display necklaces:
    Necklace Display Ideas
    . . . and creative ways to display earrings:
    Earring Display Ideas
    . . . and interesting ways to display all sorts of jewelry items:
    Jewelry Displays. I hope this helps! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Pat says:

    Bula Susan,

    Great ideas . I like the paper machier hand model. Was actually thinking of making one out of clay but this sounds simpler, so will be trying this out soon.
    for my copper wire rings and bracelets!

    best regards from sunny Fiji Islands


  • Thanks everyone for your thoughts and feedback, it is very much appreciated!

  • I use the Bracelet T-bars as well, but I don’t put them onto the display clasped. I simply drape them over the t-bars. That makes them neat and organized, while still very easy to pick up to examine closer or try on.

  • Marlies says:

    I use a very wide branch (think dowel rod size) between a forked branch on either end to display my bracelets at shows.

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