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by Sally Vonada.
(Wamego, KS)

Grouping of black necklace busts with other display elements

Grouping of black necklace busts with other display elements Necklaces as art – displayed in frames on easels Felt-covered pegboard makes an easy way to hang necklaces.

Necklaces as art – displayed in frames on easels

I have been trying a variety of ideas for my display booth, as have many of you. I think I am finally settling in on some things that work for me.

I have decided to use only black busts, and I use some gridwall-type displays that are also black. I use some bright colors as accents, primarily hot pink.

I display some of my necklaces using black picture frames on artists easels. My intention is to make my jewelry look like works of art!

When I set up the booth for an inside location, I also have a spotlight attached to the top of each frame.

When I first had the idea, I thought it would be good to use white pegboard as a backing. However, the holes on the pegboard were really distracting and took away from the jewelry, so I covered the pegboard with white felt.

Felt-covered pegboard makes an easy way to hang necklaces

I found some hooks from which the jewelry could hang and poked holes in the felt to insert them. The easels fold down and are pretty easy to transport.

Since I live in windy Kansas, I would love to hear how other jewelry artists manage to keep things from blowing away when doing outdoor shows.

I have weights for my canopy, but it is a challenge to keep the busts and cards from flying away!

Rena, thank you again for this wonderful site! I have learned so much.

Sally Vonada


windy day idea
by: laura

hi, sally

i used long ladies gloves stuffed with rice to protect my necklace busts from wind. i searched garage sales, found some long gloves, stuffed with rice & sewed up the ends. then i just drape them over the base of the bust – it works pretty well.

windy days
by: out of my gourd creations

i sell mainly at outdoor shows, and since i’m on a tight budget (who isn’t these days?) i found an inexpensive solution to keep acrylic necklace displays in place. I simply buy small wood plaques from a craft store and glue each display to it. the extra weight keeps them in place. I gave up on wire racks and now keep bracelets in trays (homemade from fabric covered letter boxes) my anklets have a home on a “dismembered”foot found at a dollar store at halloween, painted white, and also mounted on wood.I carve gourds and inlay them with stones, and they are interwoven into my display with fall colored leaves placemats. i keep to 4 colors instead of 2. black, silver and 2 colors for the season. love this site, it’s the best information i’ve found anywhere, a big help.

by: Anonymous

I appreciate the suggestions and will follow up on them. Thanks!

Love your idea
by: Patricia of

LOVE your idea only thing I would change is the hook color you can spray paint them black. That’s what I planning on doing with mine.

looks good!!
by: Claudia

Love your idea, your displays looks good.
Can i ask you where did you get the hooks? .

by: Anonymous

My husband found the hooks at Home Depot — I think they are designed for holding tools on a pegboard, but work well for the jewelry.

jewelry display
by: Lestyn

Great idea. I’m going to be going into my hairdressers shop and that would be perfect.

Thank you

To see is to buy!
by: Nancy G.

After not knowing what to do with the hudred of earrings I enjoyed making, I finally found the best display for me…Screens. Yes, screens from any hardware store. I buy them to display my earrings, by color, hundreds at a time. My customers love to look at all of them and can easily see the choice of colors. I use a large table picture frame holder to stand them. They are simple to remove, move around, change earrings. Sometimes I paint the small wooden frame around the screen. Using screens are very easy to prepare days before and still see your display for change, if necessary. Screens with earrings are very easy to set up and take down.

I also mount my jewelry inventory. Depending on your inventory size, I display whatever pieces I want to sell at upcoming shows. These screens, again, are easy to store without have to dismantle them!! Saves hours of time and helps me see my styles, amounts, and what I need to add to my inventory.

I use a slightly larger screen for my bracelets using the same methods of my earrings. Again, customers love to see them all. They have a difficult deciding on one so I offer them a little discount to entice them. It works!

Take this idea, expand it to other items and it saves time and money. Good luck.

Nancy G
by: Rena

Thanks for your ideas about using screens for jewelry displays, Nancy G! I love displays where you can store your jewelry, and then simply bring them pre-loaded to shows and parties. It’s such a time-saver. Your screens sound like a great way to keep it all organized too.

windy day
by: kathie krielow

Glueing heavy metal behind your neck displays earring ect. helps outdoor display from blowing over. Choose metal to fit size of display. Go to homedepot ect. Also glue down at the bottom of display…

by: Alex M

With the screen display, do you have any felt, or fabric to put infront of the screen, but behind the earrings. that way the customer doesn’t see the screen, and so it doesn’t look as tacky?

Screen backing
by: Sally V

The screen comes backed with a heavy felt-type paper that does create a nice background.

Jewelry Displays
by: jen w

I absolutly love this idea. I just recently had a jewelry party and was amazed at the different ways to display.

screens for earrings
by: stephens

To nancy g re: screens for earring displays, I’m not recognizing what type of screen from the hardware store has a backing. The idea sounds great, but I’m wondering what to look for at the store?
Thanks for all the ideas.

screens already made
by: Dody

I found an old folding fireplace screen, spray painted it white with blue around edges, I use s hooks from hardware store and hang necklaces from it, sometimes bracelets it folds and transports easily and for about 10$ is the right price.

by: Anonymous

You can get a screen door any Hardware Store, They have black, white and gray colors $8.00. I just made mine and looks good.

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