My Workshop & Design Studio

by Rebecca Doremus.
(Daytona Beach, Florida USA)

Photography and computer work

I am finally feeling like I am getting organized and can find something when I want it … almost. I have been cultivating my collection of jewelry supplies and tools for 12 years and it is just recently that I have taken the time to get organized – and it has made such an improvement to my time and peace of mind.

Workbench and storage

I am blessed enough to have two rooms to use, although one is mostly for the photography end and shares space with my web design business. The large beige cabinet is from a local surveyors office that went out of business.

Main work area

I wish I had more cabinets like this and if you can get your hands on one I highly recommend it. The wooden work bench was donated to the cause by a friend, along with the large glass front cabinet. As I said, I am still working on it but what an improvement.

My best choice for storage - surveyor cabinet

Rebecca Doremus
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  • Kristina says:

    I drool. Such a lovely work area. The small portion of my room reserved for beading is in disarray right now, so I am so jealous of your nice workshop.

  • Nice work space, great organizing. I love the surveyor’s cabinet, would like to get my hands on one!

  • Oooh, that surveyor’s cabinet is just perfect! Do you sort your beads by color, size, shape?

  • Beverly Holman says:

    Nice work. I am in the process of retiring from my 9-5 job and the first thing on my “RETIREMENT TO DO” list is to organize and re-vamp my home office/workshop. Thanks for all the great ideas.

  • Pamela Maring says:

    All these wonderful solutions and descriptions are feeding my imagination… thanks… at present, I am able to use 1.5 – 2 feet of the end of the dining room table with a bookcase alongside. Even that isn’t too convenient because it’s a bit forward for good reach because of a heater vent. I may be able to clear a bunch of junk stored in an extra bedroom to make a studio of sorts, so I’m keeping all these ideas in the back of my mind… thank YOU all…

  • Rebecca Doremus says:

    Thank you for all the wonderful comments. The surveyors cabinet is the best. I actually have two stacked (and could use a couple more if I could find them cheap enough).

    My supplies in that cabinet are sorted by color and type. All stone beads (which are most) are kept together but separated by color. Glass is the same way … and pearls, etc.

    Once I had the cabinet organized the way I wanted, I took pictures of each drawer (1 with lid on and one with the lids off) and created an inventory book so when I am looking for something it makes it easier.

    Metal components are all stored on the bread rack and the seed beads are all kept in the large glass front case, along with shipping supplies.

    It took me almost a year to get everything the way I wanted it (with work and migraines it can be tough). And I am really not this anal of a person when it comes to organization, but I find my migraines are taking little parts of my memory and I forget where things are so this has helped tremendously. And to think, it all started because I was looking for a yellow Labrodorite stone I had purchased. Still have not found it though. 🙂

  • Lynn says:

    Truthfully now….do we ever get totally organized? Today I started 5 or 6 designs before my creative self found what spoke to me. My office was somewhat clean and organized before and now it looks like a tornado hit it. Yikes! Seriously, Rebecca your work area looks wonderful and being organized helps open the door to creativity. Great job!!

  • Linda B says:

    Wow, I’m so envious of your surveyor’s cabinet. I have a converted entertainment center with bead boxes in my dining room where my beads are stored. I am running out of room.

    Upstairs, my photography studio is in the master bedroom and my office/shipping/inventory area is in the office bedroom.

    More mailing supplies are in the garage. I need a bigger home, LOL

    Thanks for sharing. Love this blog.

  • Karen says:

    I have been searching for a cabinet like that, were did you buy yours?

  • Rebecca Doremus says:

    To all who may wonder about the wonderful Surveyors cabinet that I use … when the economy tanked, many small businesses near me went out of business and had to sell off their office. The surveyor I received this from was next door to my store. It was a ridiculously reasonable price or I probably would not have it either, but we were friends and he had not received any interest from other surveyors in town – so I received it for a steal at 45.00 per cabinet. I have two stacked. They are not something I have seen anywhere except in used office furniture stores – and rarely there.

  • That “surveyor’s cabinet” is what most people call “flat files”, and they are widely available by that name in a range of sizes and colors at art supply stores (especially those that cater to architects and interior designers), office furniture stores, and online. Just do a Google search, or ask the staff at your favorite supply store to look them up in their catalogues if there are none you like on the floor.

  • Pam Fausz says:

    Your studio is very neat and organized. I can see why you would do such great work.

  • Nancy G says:

    PS. With this piece of furniture, the room doesn’t get too cluttered! GL.

  • Bridgitte says:

    I have a surveyors cabinet the I want to use for bead storage, but mine has the hinged metal “depressors” in the front of the drawer that was designed to hold the maps flat. Yours don’t appear to have those & I was wondering if you removed them, or maybe yours didn’t have them to begin with? Your studio is what inspired me to look for one of these cabinets 🙂 I was very lucky, I worked for an engineering firm & they were getting rid of these because files are all stored digitally now, so they GAVE it to me, free to haul!! Needless to say, I was very happy to get it!

  • Great find, Bridgitte! 🙂

  • Rebecca D says:

    Hi Bridgette. Lucky you! I have been wanting to get a couple more! The ones that I got did not have the piece to be removed, although the company I purchased them from may have before.

    One other bit of advice. As you can see all of my beads are in storage boxes. Keep in mind that with the lids on it is difficult to see what you have. (Also, make sure to measure the boxes. I had a few that have to be in the front of the cabinet). I removed the lids and slid them under the trays. I use the lids to tell what item it is, and what my cost was. Makes it so much easier to keep track of.

    Once the items were all in the drawers, I took two pictures of each drawer pulled all the way out and created a picture book that I can look through when I am planning a design.

  • Janice says:

    My jewelry studio is a 10 x 10 shed. I have 2 standing tool chests that are perfect for storing beads and other supplies.. My husband put up pegboard on the wall behind the table I use for a work surface. All of the power plugs are just above the table for ease of use of electric lights and appliances. I’m very happy with the space.

  • Janice, that sounds like a lovely studio! The pegboard and standing tool chests are a great way to keep your tools and supplies handy and organized. I’m sure you look forward to your cozy sessions in your creative space! 🙂

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