Selling Jewelry: Not Your Ordinary Doctor’s Visit

by Katrina.
(Toronto, Canada)

Katz-Jewelry-Pendants-Dec-2016Selling Jewelry - Not Your Ordinary Doctor's Visit, by Katrina  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

My handmade flower pendants.

So I had my doctor’s appointment a few days ago, and my friend suggested that I bring my jewelry with me to the doctor’s appointment, to show the doctor and staff.

I took my jewelry and my displays in my bag, and went to the doctor’s appointment.

I mentioned to the doctor about my jewelry, and he asked to see my pieces.

So I took out my displays and displayed the jewelry for my doctor to see.

He said I do very nice work and even bought a ring. (Turns out he has two daughters!)

Katz-Jewelry-Pendants-Dec-2016Selling Jewelry - Not Your Ordinary Doctor's Visit, by Katrina  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

My handmade rose rings, one in silver, one in gold.

When my appointment with the doctor finished, I still had to meet with his assistant to book my next appointment.

So while I was waiting in the waiting room for my next appointment to be made, the staff and other patients also were looking at my jewelry display.

It was like I had a mini trunk show at the doctor’s office!

It was great, everyone came to admire my jewelry, and many people actually purchased jewelry from me. (Mainly my rings.)

Katz-Jewelry-Pendants-Dec-2016Selling Jewelry - Not Your Ordinary Doctor's Visit, by Katrina  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

My satin braided bracelets.

I made it a very relaxed atmosphere so that when someone wanted to try a ring on they could, and I even brought a mirror so that people could look at how the jewelry looked in the mirror.

The staff had been expecting me, so they told their colleagues about my jewelry display in the waiting area.

I had another patient buy from me, I had many of the nurses buy from me, the receptionist at the front desk came to admire my jewelry.

For a doctor’s appointment it was a successful jewelry show.

Just a thought of where else we can sell our jewelry!

Katz Handmade Jewelry

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  1. Awesome, Katrina! It sounds like you’ve gained some great new customers. What kind of display did you have with you? I have made impromptu jewelry sales without a display, just by making jewelry while in the waiting room for a doctor appointment, a car oil change, etc. Thanks so much for sharing this experience!

  2. I had my ring displays (2 of them) and I had my necklace display that holds 5 necklaces.

  3. As a health care provider and jewelry artist, I would say that you had a good day, BUT anymore we in health care are SO busy that having someone bring in jewelry, taking up staff time away from patient care…it really isn’t an appropriate venue for selling. I would say if you could talk to staff ahead of time, and set up a small area in the waiting room, that would be different. But expecting to sell to people (staff) as you are receiving health care…I would not suggest that.

  4. Kathy, thank you so much for mentioning that! Very important to know – and I appreciate your insights for finding a more appropriate time to connect with the staff. 🙂

  5. Hi! I can relate to this! But I did it in different way in the dentist clinic. The dental hygienist asked me to bring it and I did but I knew that not everyone can come and see it because they were busy. I told them that I’ll leave it and be back after 2 days. I sold about 400.00 worth including their orders. I am a registered nurse and I know how busy we are in the medical field. I bring my jewelry at work too, it’s 12 hour shift, I just leave my stuff in the break room and meet those who are interested during my breaks. Some of them would ask me to bring it again if they did not get a chance. I just need 3 to 5 people and make a good sales coz they ended up buying at least 3 pcs each. I told them about my etsy shop but they want to see and try so I ended up having better sales in person.

  6. Lorelei56 says:

    What great opportunities! One thought to consider, however, is to make sure you have the appropriate business licences, permits, etc. to be selling in that city or county, and collect the required taxes. Our area is a tourist destination and officials are strict about enforcement. Other places may be more lax but please look into the laws and protect yourself against fines.

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