Pegboard & Tin Display with my company logo

by Dawn Kruchoski.
(Cambridge, WI USA)

Standing pegboard jewelry display

Dawn Kruchoski's jewelry booth setup

Everything Dawn needs for the show - ready to set up

Inside Dawn's storage containers, her fiance drilled holes for hanging her pegboard pegs pre-loaded with jewelry, for safe transportation and super-fast setup

I have found many wonderful articles on jewelry displays, jewelry booth ideas, etc.

I decided I wanted to display all my fashion earrings and fashion necklace/earring sets on a pegboard.

It is hinged and has 4 sections but you can easily display it and keep it from falling by zig-zagging it.

I have different size pegs for different sized earrings/necklace sets.

I used it at a couple of flea markets and because it was so very windy (yes, I was chasing earrings everywhere) we used 2 foot cement blocks on each side of the pegboard (total of 6) and we had to secure the pegboard with bungee cords.

I had to come up with an idea of how I could ensure the earrings would stay on the pegs and then I got it, use rubber bands (all black) on the ends!

It worked and I haven’t had to chase earring / necklace sets yet!

I am planning on spray-painting it black to go with my logo which I had made out of a 4 foot tin sign. My boyfriend has a contact that makes signs and I had him make mine with a copy of my logo. My colors are black/grey, white and red.

It is so easy to set up – you do not have to take the pegs off as long as you have another person to help you take the pegboard in and out of our Tahoe.

I can set up in a matter of 1/2hr and that is doing the table which has my logo to the back of the table and very visible. I attached it with clamps which I plan to paint the same shiny black to blend in.

Once it’s all painted and I have it set up, I promise to take some pictures!

Dawn Kruchoski
DMJ Discount Jewelry blog


Looking for the pictures
by: Lee


I cannot wait to see pictures of the final finished display. It sounds very cool and with being easy to set up, very convenient.


I second that
by: Cindy

I also am eagerly awaiting pictures. It sounds intriguing.

by: Rena

Dawn, I’ll be happy to add your photos to this post whenever you have them ready. You can just email them to me, or get in touch with me and I’ll help you get them to me here!

Thanks so much – can’t wait to see your setup! :o)

Pegboard Set up and Logo sign on Table
by: Dawn Kruchoski

Thanks so much Rena! We are painting the pegboard today for an event on Sunday. I will be taking the pictures on Sunday (it’s an outside event w/rain in the forecast). Hopefully I will be able to take the pictures and get them to you sometime Monday!

I am just as excited to see the pegboard all black and I think it will enhance the jewelry that are on the pegboard – really make them stand out! I pretty much sold a majority of my fashion necklace/earring sets so my focus is going to be on my fashion earrings that I have for $5.00 a pair. I am pricing them at 2/$5.00 but they have to purchase 2 – kind of a buy one-get one free promotion for this event. I have already created the signage for this sale and I may change it to the buy 1-get 1 free if I do not see enough sales. I’ll keep everyone posted!

I also have a friend that is the owner of a very nice Salon. She is letting me showcase my jewelry in her salon so I will be making up some type of display for what I call my “middle of the road” type of jewelry which are my .925 Sterling Silver Pendants (Jaspers, Quartz, Turquoise, Agates, Tiger’s Eye, Ruby, & some Semi-Precious). They can purchase the pendant and it will come with a .925 Sterling Silver Snake Chain w/Lobster Claw Clasp. I have all different sizes width and length way. They can choose the chain type based upon the pendant. Some of my pendants are very large and would need a 2mm and there are also some very dainty pendants that would look best with a 1.2mm. Everyone is different as far as length goes so I have 16″, 18″ & 20″.

I will also take pictures of this display once I get it figured out!

Take care all!

Dawn Kruchoski
DMJ Discount Jewelry

Pic’s finally!!!
by: Dawn Kruchoski

Hello everyone,

Well, fortunately the weather in Wisconsin has been better (boy we’ve had the rain) – and if we didn’t have the rain we’ve had the wind! I e-mailed Rena separately regarding the pictures I have promised all of you. They turned out pretty well – the pegboard is awesome and my fiance did a fantastic job of drilling the holes in the plastic totes for the pegs. Wait til you see it. I used to have to use our Tahoe to go to flea markets/trade shows; now I can use my Dodge Intrepid (which I have to admit has a large trunk-thank goodness!).

This whole project of the pegboard, paint, pegs (I make my own sign with my own logo), 2 small plastic bins (w/wheels) & 2 large plastic bins (each to be placed on top of the wheeled bins) for an approximate total of $250.00! I can set this whole display up in approx. 10 minutes. The pictures I will have online show just one way – I switch it up almost every time (especially if you are going to the same place – it truly does help!)

When Rena puts the pictures up – if anyone has any questions, please don’t hesitate to reply and I’ll be happy to answer any question!

Great pics, Dawn!
by: Rena

Dawn, I just have to thank you again for sharing your awesome photos and all of your clever jewelry display ideas.

I totally LOVE your innovation of drilling holes in your containers to transport your hooks pre-loaded with jewelry. Genius!

And very wonderful of your talented fiance to support your dreams.

by: Linda Stewart

Seeing your portable display lit up the idea lightbulb over my head. I had shared my all purpose portable display rack in a previous post. Mine was made from pieces of dog kennel siding. Well….I don’t have use of it anymore as of a week ago. My other 1/2, who made it, being the helpful neighbor to the woman who lives alone across the street, commandeered it to fill a gap in her fence where the coyotes have been sneaking in at night. Rather than having to put up with their shennannigans and poop and possible birthing of pups on her property, their entrance has now been blocked. However, I have been left without my vertical display…just in time for a few upcoming events I have been considering! Thanks for a possible quick solution that would be comparable to the dog kennel panels!!

Great work!
by: Les Bijoux Crea-Lune

Love your ideas,I will be looking forward to see the whole set up oncee it’s finished!

Wow!!!…Great Display
by: Mayanne Murphy

Thanks SO MUCH for sharing your display idea.

I am having a difficult time coming up with something organized and portable your ideas have helped me greatly!

What I think I’m going to do is zig-zad the pegboard to go across my table, so that the jewelry is more at eye level. I can’t make a big display, but using the pegboard in this a abbreviated manner will solve many problems.

Thanks so much!!!!

Re: thanks for the comments on my pegboard w/tin logo idea
by: dkruchoski

Thanks so much for the positive comments – I think having a smaller version on top of the table is a great idea – I just happen to have a lot of jewelry and needed the larger pegboard – believe it or not, I still have some that are not on this pegboard!

Take care and good luck with the display!
Dawn Kruchoski
DMJ Discount Jewelry

Looks like a bunch of buy/sell
by: Anonymous

Interesting display concept, but looking at your earrings (and prices) it sure doesn’t look like handmade. Or maybe that’s not the purpose of this site.

Looks awesome
by: Cindy

My question … what is holding the pegs up in your plastic bins for storage?

More polished display
by: Anonymous

Love the ease and creativity of your display.
I think you should use a table cover that goes to the ground. It will give more of a polished display.

Thanks for the comments
by: Anonymous

Thank you all for your comments – I will definitely look into the table cover – I believe it’s called a skirt?? Anyway to the anonymous that commented about this site being about handmade, I can appreciate your comment but what is the name of the blog?? Jewelry Display Ideas…and further, as an fyi – the items on the table to the pictures left are handmade items. the items on the pegboard are not.
Thank you for your comment though…

Pegboard and Tin Display
by: Designs by Love

This is a fantastic idea, so quick and convenient,and looks so good too!
Thanks so much


thank you for sharing
by: Anonymous

thank you so much for sharing your display and convenience. Your pegs in the bin is a fabulous idea.
An idea I’m going have to borrow from you if you don’t mind.
Did the cement blocks work well for your peg board and the wind? I wonder if it was top heavy?
I’ve been using peg board on my table for some time but would like it much more as a full standing screen like yours is.

Thank you again forgenerously sharing your ideas.

Love it!
by: Peggy

Thanks for the creative solution to displaying jewelry – very inventive and I will definitely use the ideas you’ve presented – Thanks so much for sharing.

I too totally LOVE your innovation of drilling holes in your containers to transport your hooks pre-loaded with jewelry.

Question: I understand about drilling the hole and putting in the peg but … Can you please tell us what is holding the pegs up in the plastic storage container?

Thanks again for sharing and all the best with your business! Peggy

by: Dawn Kruchoski

Thanks all – I completely forgot about that question – first question: How do I keep the pegs from “caving” in when in the bins? Answer: I found these great plastic bins that amazingly were sturdy enough for my jewelry and I have some heavy earrings! Keep in mind the pegs are only 2″ long which gives me enough room for 4-6 earrings depending on the thickness.

Honestly, I bought these bins at Walmart and they are called Latch Boxes (2 that are on wheels are $17.47) and the larger 2 bins are 64qt Latch Boxes that sit right on top of the smaller ones w/wheels. They cost me $9.47 ea. Truly a great purchase! The pegboard I bought online at Staples for $73.99 and the pegs are at Menards or Lowes and they are about $1.29 ea – I never checked online but you may find those cheaper.

Question2: I think it was can I use your idea and of course by all means use whatever you want…if anyone needs prices or where I got them – I have a wheeled supply piece with 6 drawers that I keep pens, pencils, stapler, jewelry tools, tape, stickers, magnifying glass, loupe, additional stock, etc. I think I got that at Office Depot for about $35.00.
I use it in my office and then take it with me to my events – just love it!!
I hope I answered all the questions, if not – let me know. Thanks all!

Cement Blocks
by: Dawn Kruchoski

Darn – I knew I forgot a question about the cement blocks on windy days. That was interesting – my first flea market – didn’t know a thing about flea markets and it was a very windy day…that is when I came up with the idea of cement blocks and my fiance came up with covering them with cheap black socks. Each block weighs 25lbs and they absolutely work great. I put one on the outside and inside of the outer pegboard – then I do bunjee cord it to our vehicle on very windy days. As far as chasing earrings, I learned a trick to that too. Pick out medium thick but small black rubber bands and put them on the ends of the pegs – worked like a charm and I haven’t chased earrings since!

Thanks all!

by: Shebarie

Dawn: Thanks so much for your generous spirit of sharing!

You have reminded me that I have that kind of pegboard and pegs and need to dust them off and start using for display again. I agree that painting the pegboard black makes it look much nicer.

I used to do a LOT of shows (I couldn’t stand having a Saturday without a show) and setting up could take a long time even though I loved the results. I’ve cut way back because some shows are just not worth the time in ratio to the return. I’m a bit pickier now and instead of a show every weekend, I may have one show and month and have some weekends to myself to build my business in other ways. Your clever idea of drilling holes in the box to organize the pegs will be a great time saver! I may decide to do more of my old shows because of this idea alone. Thanks again, Dawn, for sharing your creative ideas!

To the person who brought up buy/sell/handmade – this is a jewelry DISPLAY forum and I appreciate all inputs for display ideas! Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

by: Sarah

Thanks for sharing Dawn! I have just got back into jewellery making (I’m from the UK, so please ignore my spelling :D) after about 18 months and I am considering doing some shows and fairs, so this came at a real opportune moment for me.

Thanks again for sharing, this site is fabulous isn’t it?!

Sarah. xx

This site is great!
by: Dawn Kruchoski

You got that right!
I’m glad that my idea will help you to get started. You’ll love it!



Selling Merchandise that is not made
by: dkruchoski

You are absolutely correct – the pegboard items are made – just not by me. The places I take this pegboard are flea markets and lower end exhibits where people do not like to spend a lot of money on items.

I also have home made items that are on my table – but they are reasonably priced. I have an unbelievable wholesaler that can get me pretty much anything I want to either make something or buy something. I got very lucky because this wholesaler is picky about who he selects to buy his things.

I have very high priced items and my beautiful Sterling Silver stone pendant,earrings, and bracelets which are handmade.

Thanks for the comments though and good luck to you – I have to say I am doing a bang up job on my $5.00 earring and necklace sets and the 2/$5.00 earrings. Unbelievable how many I sell at different flea markets…

awseome but im bleak
by: Aishata

ok,first how awesome mwaa love you,just because you shared this and a page thats about displays.1. i know nothing ,i dont know what a peg board is ,where i can get it,i,ve seen the metalic type like what you use but in a hardware store and they refused to sell it,it was for their ….ill say drills.
and apparently i haveto import them ,and thats expensive….too much info irelle.
2 .i currently use a glass display and its heavy and keeps breaking from the movement.i movedshop so the glass isnt convinient and im on the second floor so i put it on the balcony but its not convinient ,clothes now go more which is wiered since they were a btw and i was getting a repute for being the “jewellery lady” .
3.where is the tin?
4.if i go to workshop,is the wood called peg board and does it already have the holes,are metals the pegs ,can wood work instead.
5.any idea on how to make it more verticle than horizontal, i was thinking like an album frame the support at the back but i want it straight not leaning ,any thots would help.
6.any idea on how i can merge it altogether to include bangles,bracelets ,alicebands ,wallets rings so i can sell off the glass completely.
sorry for asking all this ,yes there’s google but …plus i’m in a country where if they sense ur not sure of something prices triple,and they take every,opportunity to hike prices ,mannequins just doubled because the dollar slightly went up,and now that its down its still the’s difficult for a start up.ok enough moaning:)

What is a pegboard and where can I buy – RE:
by: Dawn Kruchoski

Thanks so much for your comments! I copied and pasted this from a previous post and hopefully it will help you with some of your questions.

I found these great plastic bins that amazingly were sturdy enough for my jewelry and I have some heavy earrings! Keep in mind the pegs are only 2″ long which gives me enough room for 4-6 earrings depending on the thickness. Honestly, I bought these bins at Walmart and they are called Latch Boxes (2 that are on wheels are $17.47) and the larger 2 bins are 64qt Latch Boxes that sit right on top of the smaller ones w/wheels. They cost me $9.47 ea. Truly a great purchase! The pegboard I bought online at Staples for $73.99 and the pegs are at Menards or Lowes and they are about $1.29 ea – I never checked online but you may find those cheaper. Question2: I think it was can I use your idea and of course by all means use whatever you want…if anyone needs prices or where I got them – I have a wheeled supply piece with 6 drawers that I keep pens, pencils, stapler, jewelry tools, tape, stickers, magnifying glass, loupe, additional stock, etc. I think I got that at Office Depot for about $35.00.
I use it in my office and then take it with me to my events – just love it!!

So, the pegboard comes all together and there are many types of pegboards – I would go online and search “pegboard” and see what comes up. Mine is very large because I have a lot of items to put up. It is made of wood and we spray painted it black to make the jewelry stand out better.

I had my fiance drill holes for the 2 inch pegs so I can pre-fill the pegs and all I have to do is take out the pegs from the plastic bins and put them out – start at bottom and then go up. Trust me, I tried it the other way and it was awful trying to get the jewelry above to be out of the way to get my peg below in. You have to sometimes just try things – I call it “out of the box” thinking. Most everything can be ordered and for you – if you have a discount store similar to Walmart – that is the place to go for your plastic bins. I explained about them in an earlier post – there are pictures of everything as well.
I hope I helped just a bit.
I encourage you to go to the beginning of this post and read through it – it may make more sense after you read it and see the pictures.

I wish you well and Happy Holidays!
Dawnmarie Kruchoski

Great ideas!
by: Anita – Beckoning Cat

Your ideas are really great! I’ve seen/read about using louvered shutters/doors to hang earrings/necklaces.

I use a rolling cart which has some of my jewelry pieces already pegged in trays. I can stack approx. 12-14 full size trays on top of each other and it is no bigger than a normal rolling piece of travel luggage.

comment: Anita & her rolling trays
by: Dawnmarie Kruchoski

Hi Anita,
Are these trays that actually have peg hooks on them or black trays with the metal hook for pendants/necklaces? I am curious because your way sounds awesome – any chance for some pictures?
I am such a visual person and I have a mental picture of it but I may be way off. I’m thinking of the trays that are portable – they are black and you can fit about 15 and they stack in a rolling cart?? See, I’m just guessing. I’d truly love to see some pic’s – this site ALWAYS gives me inspiration!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your expertise! Your idea for adding the hooks inside the storage bins is very ingenious!

  2. Great ideas! Your set up is so organized and not overwhelming to shoppers. I love the pegboard and putting pegs in the storage bins is a fantastic idea!

  3. Paula Countryman says:

    What a superb idea!! I am impressed!

  4. What wonderful ideas! I especially love the way your fiance helped to drill the holes for the pegs in the travel boxes. While I do not do shows, i do sell at one shop locally and hope to be able to expand to other shops within the coming year. I can surely see taking some of these ideas and downsizing them to suit my needs. Thank you for sharing.

  5. I love these ideas. I’ve always just thrown my items into a tub, but the idea of pegboard hooks is just what I need for my jewelry.

    I do have questions though. A lot of my handmade jewelry is on braided leather cords, which are stiff except those that have been out in the sun for awhile. This seems to soften them up. I’ve considered leaving them all out to soak up the sun, but not sure I should do that. Any comments on that?

    I also have some sterling silver earrings and necklace chain jewelry to display. Recently, I painted some big bottom wine bottles flat black and they make great necklace displays for chains. I weight them down with decorative marbles inside. Corks are hard to put back in once they dry and I’ve tried to find some cheap bottle stoppers to use. Found a few but not sure I should use different stoppers. Any idea on transporting these or is it a bad idea? I do have some velvet and leatherette necklace displays that I use. Made some of my own, too.

    I also love the folding pegboard. I have a lattice work display that folds but uses only S-hooks, so I like the pegboard better.
    Thanks for the great ideas. Maybe I’ll get it all together before April when we have a show.

  6. What a lovely and practical way of displaying your jewelry is a yes for me!!!

  7. Your display is eye-catching and distinctive. I love how you’ve managed to display such a large amount of jewelry within the ‘space’, but it still looks clean and inviting. I personally think many displays are just too ‘busy’ and I would be drawn to your space without hesitation. I think we need to keep in mind that whatever our particular talents, abilities or interests, we love selling, interacting, and ultimately providing all visitors and guests with the very best customer service, no matter what we sell.
    Great job Dawn!

  8. Dawn, what a great idea! Really nice looking display and looks like it is a breeze to set up. I ditto what you said about price points for your market. I do a local artists market every Saturday, and over the last year have built a following based on my “treasure chest” of handmade earrings (Thanks Rena, for the idea!) I have customers that have to come every week for their earring fix, and sometimes I even make them something special on the spot, upon request. There are jewelry artists at the same market that charge 10x what I do for a pair of earrings, so I may have to sell a few more but these are my bread and butter and cost me next to nothing to make. So much fun to see how others display their work. This site is the best!

  9. Marcy Thomas says:

    Wow…wonderful ideas. Right now I have my Yukon WAY to full for easy set up. I try to make my display classy, but then I have tons more than I need. Also I sell scarves. Any really brilliant ideas on how to display scarves with or separately from my jewelry. Rena’s sites are THE BEST!

  10. Phyllis C says:

    Great Ideas – THANKS for sharing!! We can all use as MUCH help and ideas as possible…….

    Quick question? Socks on the concrete blocks? Are they blocks the regular size blocks ( like used in house bldg.?) If so; how did you get Socks on them??? ROFL….
    Seriously though; I use concrete blocks at every show ( we never know if the wind is going to kick up, or rain, or goodness knows what ELSE Mother Nature may throw at us; and I would LOVE to “dress up” the blocks!! You can only hide soooo much 🙂

  11. I love your ideas and your display! It works so well. How do you deal with the wind at an outdoor show and keep it from knocking over your standing peg board jewelry display?

  12. Yes! Very great setup. Wish I could have saw this few years ago. I have quit shows as got to much work and got old [70]. Glad this could be given to everyone that sees this.

  13. Thank you Dawn–absolutely fabulous!

  14. The pegs counterweight themselves; you just need the holes in a solid surface.

  15. Great ideas! I used to have a multi-photo frame like the pegboard stand that with a little modification would have been perfect for jewelry. I think I still have a smaller 2-panel photo stand in storage somewhere that would work on table tops. Must look for it when I clean the storage this summer. For those who may not be able to afford to buy them, I got both of mine at yard sales for $5 or less. You can also find dressing screens and convert the panels to pegboard you can cut to size (you can often get cheap pegboard at home supply stores like Lowe’s or Home Depot). A lot of states and cities have a trash day where you can put larger items curbside for trash pick up once or twice a month. You’d really be amazed at the finds you can rescue from others ‘trash’. I once saved a piano and an antique rocking chair that just needed a little work to make them good as new again. As they say here in America- one man’s trash is another man’s treasure! 🙂
    I’m fortunate enough to have a carpenter husband who can just about make, or modify, anything for any purpose. He gets scrap materials left from jobs and makes lovely wooden furniture. I may have him make a jewelry stand for me. That boxed hardwood flooring would make gorgeous jewelry backdrop (and can be painted).

  16. Thanks so much for sharing those additional great tips, Lisa!

  17. Dawn great set up. I haven’t done craft shows with strictly jewelry. I used to do decorative woods with some jewelry items as a sideline. I had pegboard displays when I first begin going to show. But, I found them too heavy for me to care and set up. My hubby made me wire display walls. My hooks were curtain hooks that could remain on the wall or be remove with the product. I also had ladder shelf corners that could be adjust up or down or zigzag to fit any booth size or configuration. I had a few spin racks that were floor type that held my handcrafted pins. I always amazed me that the little snowmen pins sold as well in the heat of summer as they did at the winter shows. After doing shows for ten years, these are few tips that I found very help full, 1. When you sell an item don’t be to quick to fill in the space on the display. 2. If your customer buys the last of one of your items don’t be afraid to ask if you make it sold would they be will leave it in your booth so you could take orders. (This generated 25 extra sales at one of my craft shows.) 3. You have about 90 seconds to catch the customers eye before they walk past your booth. 4. Items at eye level will bring customer into your booth. 5. Don’t be pushy or hawk your items. 6. Have something to work on during the show. 7. Offer personalization at the shows if possible. Engraving. I do not know if my whole post relevant. I hope that it might help. I love your display. Your sign is a great statement. Thank you for sharing

  18. Joyce L. McDuffie says:

    Hi Rena I’ve been watching your videos for a few mos now. My question is how do i find out about the shows where they’re located, who I to in the bay area ca. I’m new at jewelry making but i enjoy it a lot Thank U

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