Pendant and Ring Display Cards

by Angie Simonsen.
(Bellevue, NE)

As I was getting ready for an upscale show / fundraiser, I decided I wanted to improve the appearance of my pendants and rings.

Previously, I used a sheet of address labels (Avery 5160 – 30 per sheet) that already had my contact info on one half of the sticker.

I would write the description and price on the unprinted half, cut a piece of fishing line and attach it to a link in the jewelry, and trap the ends of the fishing line between the two sticky halves.

It worked, but I didn’t like the appearance of it anymore.

I searched through business / display / label card templates on Microsoft and Avery’s websites until I found one that would work.

After changing the images and text, I printed new address labels, display cards AND business cards – all with the same theme and appearance.

With the display cards, I punched a hole and set a grommet, taking into account the size of the item as to where to place the grommet.

After placing the grommet, I wrote out the description and price. I then used a 26G piece of brass wire to hold the item, feeding the ends of the wire to the back, through the grommet.

I pulled the wire ends snug, but not too tight, and then placed a address label with my contact info over the wire ends.

I did the same with my rings as well, and really liked the look much better!

Angie Simonsen
Weirdly Wired Jewelry
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Pendant display
by: Dita

Great idea. I think you gave me a great idea to solve my problem with bracelets. I make knitted bracelets that are not that heavy but needs some veritcal display sometimes. I can do what you did. Your finishing came out very nice, I hope I can do that. Thanks for sharing. Dita

by: Angie S

Thank you Dita!
I think this would work well for your bracelets, and, you could even add tabs to the back to put them on a vertical display. Hope it works out for you!

GREAT idea!!!
by: Pam

LOVE this idea! I would have liked it even without the grommets, but this gives it a really great little extra bit of style, as well as keeping the hole stabilized. I use white florist wire to hold items to cards, but the backs are icky with the wires twisted. I Love the idea of the sticker on the back, it not only secures the wire, but lies flat.

Thank you for sharing this!

Great Looking Display
by: Liz Hart

It makes a very elegant and professional presentation. I’ve kept a copy of your post. I may well do this myself one day.

Grommeted cards
by: LadyMockingbird

Angie, I didn’t know you were a member here. Small world. Great idea using the label to cover the wire ends. Maybe I should submit my own packaging Idea here too.

Creative AND Functional!
by: Lynn

I was at the show with Angie and got to see these in person…they are really terrific. The grommet makes them sturdy and will survive from show to show if needed!!

by: Angie S

Thank you Pam! Having the sticker on back with the info also keeps the front uncluttered, so the focus is on the jewelry.

Thanks Liz – best of luck!

Hi Lady! It IS a small world, and this is a great site! Definitely share your ideas!

Hi Lynn! Thanks for your kind words! I’m glad you liked them!

Pendant and Ring Display Cards
by: Rena

Angie, I love your beautifully minimalist card front. It’s artistic and uncluttered, and really focuses attention on your jewelry!

And clever idea for placing your info-label over the wire ends on the back!

Another neat thing about your pendant and ring cards is that there are a lot of interesting display possibilities for carded jewelry that wouldn’t work for un-carded pieces.

Thank you so much for sharing your great idea and your beautiful execution of it, Angie!

And for anyone who hasn’t seen Lady Mockingbird’s Grommeted Jewelry Card Ideas here, you may want to have a look at it.

Hi Rena!
by: Angie S

Thanks for your kind comments!
I agree, there are MANY possibilities with these! I hope to explore them further!

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