Pegboard & Tin Display with My Company Logo

by Dawn Kruchoski.
(Cambridge, WI USA)

Standing pegboard jewelry display

Dawn Kruchoski's jewelry booth setup

Everything Dawn needs for the show - ready to set up

Inside Dawn's storage containers, her fiance drilled holes for hanging her pegboard pegs pre-loaded with jewelry, for safe transportation and super-fast setup

I have found many wonderful articles on jewelry displays, jewelry booth ideas, etc.

I decided I wanted to display all my fashion earrings and fashion necklace/earring sets on a pegboard.

It is hinged and has 4 sections but you can easily display it and keep it from falling by zig-zagging it.

I have different size pegs for different sized earrings/necklace sets.

I used it at a couple of flea markets and because it was so very windy (yes, I was chasing earrings everywhere) we used 2 foot cement blocks on each side of the pegboard (total of 6) and we had to secure the pegboard with bungee cords.

I had to come up with an idea of how I could ensure the earrings would stay on the pegs and then I got it, use rubber bands (all black) on the ends!

It worked and I haven’t had to chase earring / necklace sets yet!

I am planning on spray-painting it black to go with my logo which I had made out of a 4 foot tin sign. My boyfriend has a contact that makes signs and I had him make mine with a copy of my logo. My colors are black/grey, white and red.

It is so easy to set up – you do not have to take the pegs off as long as you have another person to help you take the pegboard in and out of our Tahoe.

I can set up in a matter of 1/2hr and that is doing the table which has my logo to the back of the table and very visible. I attached it with clamps which I plan to paint the same shiny black to blend in.

Once it’s all painted and I have it set up, I promise to take some pictures!

Dawn Kruchoski
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