Non-Traditional Jewelry Display Booth Ideas

by Robin Bare.
(Longmont, CO)

At the mansion


Closeup of beachy jewelry


Closeup of stand with light


Idea for using upside down candlesticks for necklace display

I was invited to do a show in an elegant but kind of dark mansion for a Spring market.

I wasn’t sure if electricity was an option so I created these stands to highlight some of my pieces. I purchased the wrought iron stands and battery operated spot lights from my local hardware store and wired them to the top of the stand underneath so to direct the light on my pieces.

Also I used various items around my home as I am on a limited budget. The tablecloth is just pinned with some great fun fringe I found on clearance at my Hobby Lobby store.

The round plates are just wire serving wall hangings covered with scraps of linen colored material draped and pinned in the back.

My colors matched my then business card (which I have now a new design and look as well as name for my business).

Take a look!

Robin Bare
Baré – bold beautiful design


by: Yolanda

don’t feel bad about being on a budget. I have used many things to display my jewelry and believe it or not I have been complimented on the displays. I love the ideas you have used. Good luck

non traditional displays
by: Anonymous

As beautiful as this is, (because i think it is gorgeous and creative. This would seem to be my style as well) unfortunately I find cons to doing a non traditional, eclectic set up. The eye tends to wander and not focus on the jewelry. I find that unfortunately elaborate creativity needs to dwindle down just a tad on displays, and be a little more uniform and elegant so that the customer can hone in on one particular set of items. You can be creative but a little less dramatic. That’s just my opinion and experience with display booths.

I’m on a budget too
by: Rose

I love it! Very beautiful display.

by: Anonymous

I have been selling my jewelry for 2 years. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard, “your booth is so beautiful, do you have a shop?” And how many times I have done shows with other jewelry makers, and I seem to be the only one that had a good day. I live and breath by ‘DISPLAY, DISPLAY, DISPLAY!’ I think your booth is so pretty – it is nice and colorful – it will bring customers in! I love it! Good luck to you!

Distracting perhaps?

Your display is beautiful and very creative but I do wonder if all that color and creativity might be doing an injustice to your jewelry. You have lots of variation in height which is good but no cohesiveness from one section of the table to another. If you visit jewelry stores they use lots of levels and differing types of displays but usually all in the same color. Or they will change colors in different sections of the store but be consistent in that section. I think you should think of your booth as one section of a store and therefore keep the color scheme simple.

One way you could reduce quite so many colors is spray paint all the upright displays a single color that compliments your table cloth for instance. I think you are using pillows on parts of your table, perhaps they should all be the same color as well. I would concentrate on colors that don’t distract from your jewelry too. I like pale colors grays, tans, whites, creams, whatever works best with your jewelry. HOpe this helps.

A Beaded Affair

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