Head and Hand Jewelry Displays

by Marcia.

Head and hand jewelry displays – made from cardboard and covered with wrapping paper.

Hand display sits on a cardboard paper towel roll; head stands up thanks to an extra piece folded up at the bottom.

I added the extra piece to the head template so I could fold it up and glue it to the back of the head so it would stand up.

I have been thinking of cute ways to display my jewelry for children.

I found a templates online for a hand , and one for a head, (just google templates for a head and hand).

I adjusted the template for the head so it could be self standing.

Next time I will do the same for the hand.

I just cut out the templates, traced them on cardboard, and covered them with wrapping paper (but I will use felt next time).

The hand is standing with a paper towel roll I cut in half then cut open so it would stand up on its on.

Then I put a slit on the top and stuck the hand inside.

My instructions may seem crazy, but once you download your templates you can figure something out.



What a cool idea for custom displays
by: Rena

Thank you for sharing this clever idea, Marcia! It’s very affordable, with lots of room for customization and creativity.

I think your head and hand jewelry displays turned out fabulously, especially if they were the first ones you made with this technique!

And although I know you’re planning to use felt to cover the cardboard next time, the gift wrap you used on these two displays is very appealing.

Lots of great ideas and resources here – thanks again! :o)

(BTW, Marcia, if you have a website / blog / online shop, I’d be happy to add your link next to your name at the end of your article here!)

Thank you!
by: Angie S

For sharing these wonderful resources!

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