My Recycled Portfolio Display

by Lyn.
(Ohio USA)

The inside of this portfolio jewelry display

I’ve only recently started to enjoy craft shows mainly because I’ve figured out how to be more organized each time. I am more of a “make it” than a “buy it” person so my mind works overtime to develop something that will show off my jewelry and get something that is easy to set up and use.

My full time job exposes me to a lot of heavy cardboard, boxes, bubble wrap, actually a complete array of shipping products.

I always look at that cardboard and try to figure out something I can do with that FREE commodity.

The evolution of my recycled portfolio started by thinking I needed a “book” style display.

A view of the back / outside cover of the jewelry portfolio display:

At each step, challenges presented themselves and were resolved. Finally, as the winter ended last year, I had my display.

I am going to make a tutorial about this display in the not too distant future as I firmly believe in recycling what we have available. (Step One: Scrape up some free supplies.)

Well it probably won’t be that basic but after the vision comes the gathering of supplies.

My cardboard core is twenty eight inches high. Each side is fifteen inches. The spine of the display is three inches wide.

I attached another freebie, styrofoam to the inside.

I used a band saw to cut the pieces and glued them on so there was a slight edge of the cardboard still showing. That’s the core at the cost of some glue and duct tape.

I recycled some blue denim jeans by cutting them and sewing different shades together. The inside is made from black upholstery velvet which I purchased. Depending on jewelry pieces to be displayed, I added a white inside made from felt.

I walked around for days in the desert to come up with something to hang my necklaces on that would be better than a nail.

Okay, I wasn’t in the desert, but it took a lot of walking around thinking and looking at potential ideas on the internet.

One day I was looking at the curve my hand made and there it was, a cloud! I call them clouds because they are white semi-circular pieces that are attached to the display.

The necklace hangs perfectly from them and there is a lot of room to display several pieces so the customer sees a neat and orderly display.

The clouds can be postioned and repositioned as needed.

I use pins to attach everything. Since the pins I chose were yellow, I spray painted half of them black and half of them white. This minimizes any potential distraction of the pin and lets the customer see the piece.

My signature “L” on the cover of the display, adds a special touch.

There are handles for carrying the portfolio also. But what I’ve found out is that I don’t really need the handles because if I carry the portfolio with jewelry in it, everything will fall, so they are there if needed.

For transport purposes, after I’ve set everything up on the display, I put the entire portfolio into a kitchen- sized garbage bag. When I get some time, I am going to make a carrying case.

My friend and I went to two craft shows last year and by the time the second one rolled around, she asked me to make her one of these portfolios.

I am looking forward to having matching portfolios in our booth this year.

Of course that means there is a possibility that I’ll need to make some other displays that will match them. I would enjoy that!

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Cool portable jewelry portfolio
by: Rena

I love jewelry displays that:

1) Incorporate recycled / repurposed elements.

2) Can be pre-loaded at home and easily transported easily to any show, party, or shop!

What a great project, Lyn – and an excellent way to put your jewelry up at eye level.

I also love the idea of your personalized cover with the “L”!

Thank you for posting your great jewelry display idea here!

by: Lynne Cirillo

I love the ideal of the clouds!!! Great use of table space, I always try to get things up off table in some way, catches the eye and brings in customers for a closer look.

Love it!!
by: Amy Ressa

You are so creative. I too like to re-purpose items as opposed to throwing them out. Great idea and I can see how that would make doing shows a lot easier!!

Love it!
by: Rachel

I love the clouds also! They allow your necklaces to hang properly without the wasted space and extra expense of a necklace bust. Very creative!

very creative
by: fadzliza jaafar

luv ur idea. I am new in this business and still trying to find ways of displaying. just wonder how do you protect ur jewelry after you are done with the show/ sale? have been putting my thgs in zip lock bags but so annoying if i have to take it out all the time to display……….

somebody help………

thanks in advance………

by: Anonymous

Please please post a tutorial. this looks brillian!

great Idea
by: Lina

this is great and I think all creartive people mus also be recyclers.
I always look for ways to get more than one use out of something.
Good on you for sharing

by: JoyceIsCrafty

What a clever jewelry display! I love recycled things! Thanks for sharing!

One question: What do you use to weigh it down so
it doesn’t blow over in the wind or if somebody bumps it?

Brilliant Idea!
by: Pat

Bula Lyn,

Great idea – just had a suggestion -maybe you could put the handles at the top so that when you carry it the necklaces will remain in place? and where the handles are now on the side -just add a strip or small belt and fasten with velcro to hold sides in place???
I also like to recycle things and it’s great to share tips. All the best!!

Pat (Fiji)

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