My New Venture with Etched Metal

by Linda Chandler.
(Indianapolis, Indiana USA)

I’ve been reading about writing better descriptions. Here is how it went. Writing is the hardest thing for me. I don’t like selling and I don’t do marketing.

LChandler: My New Venture with Etched Metal 1

Etched Copper Humor Pendant
I love the color of this red-brown metal, it was the earliest metal to be used by man.

If this pendant makes you smile then I’ve done my job for today.

It’s made with 20 gauge copper and has been spiced up with a bit of humor.

A delicate scroll border and a attached bail set with brass nut and bolt.The back of the pendant has a random pattern of lines and squares.

It’s been antiqued and polished. A soft cloth will brighten it up to a beautiful shine.

LChandler: My New Venture with Etched Metal 2

I’ve never had a witty thought my entire life, so when I see something that makes me smile, I save it. I’ve been saving humorous quotes and jokes all my life.

With a graphic background and my fondness for silly stuff, I started making these pendants. I found it never ending with ideas. I become bored easily so this comes as a pleasant creative outlet for me.

I hope you enjoy my new venture.

Linda Chandler
Jewelry by Linda

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  1. Absolutely make one smile! Really admire your etching skills on this and yes, I share your love of copper, too. Wonderful stuff!

  2. It made me chuckle. I like it! Good job.

  3. This pendant is exquisite! I love both sides, the border, the bail and the etching! You have a great sense of humor and lots of talent.

  4. Your jewelry looks great, Linda, and your photos and description are excellent! I like that you incorporate your silly side into your jewelry and business – why shouldn’t jewelry be fun! I think that’s a great touch that appeals to customers.

  5. I am like you as far as marketing. I never thought of adding humor. So I am going to go try it.

  6. Hilarious and pretty, too! My maiden name is Chandler, Linda…

  7. Brilliant! Made me laugh out loud! Gorgeous too.

  8. Beautiful work! Just like you I love saving silly quotes! I write them on my erase board in my shop. When I am stuck with a project my eyes drift over to them and more than once have they pulled me out of a creative hole! I love copper for its versatility and warmth! Your graphic designs pendant is so unique!

  9. Linda Chandler says:

    Thank you so much for your gracious comments. Of course my family likes my etchings but you know how families are. I’ve made jewelry for many years now and my heart just wasn’t in it anymore. I’m still making jewelry but something different and completely unique. I make my own designs that would be hard to copy…I think…
    More design ideas are popping up with people wanting something different and personal. I just need to get faster…LOL
    Again, thank you so much, very much appreciated.

  10. Not only is THIS fantastic – but the work on your website is incredible and inspiring!
    I have to find more time somehow to work on my skills…

  11. Loved everything about this- but the saying had me laughing so hard, probably because I can identify with it. Copper is my favorite metal, so I am really attracted to it, just fabulous! Beautiful work.

  12. Chessfairy says:

    Wonderful work, Linda! i *did* smile because i can relate to the quote and your balanced presentation. Way to go!

  13. Awesome talent! Love your dry wit. That’s meant as a huge compliment, by the way.

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