Jewelry Show Mishap

by Kim pernia.

Jewelry Show Mishap by Kim pernia  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Purple flower decal pendant

I was excited to show my newest decaled enamel creations at an upcoming show.

Jewelry Show Mishap by Kim pernia  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Mandala decal pendant

As I was getting into the van, I knocked the display over. (I am in a wheelchair so mishaps like this happen a lot!).

Jewelry Show Mishap by Kim pernia  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Blue raindrop enameled pendant

I spent the whole show trying today untangle the mess.

Sold some other stuff. But look forward to next show.

Kim pernia
Kimmings Jewelry

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  • Hi Kim! So sorry you had the mishap. Kudos that you carried on and untangled the mess. You have some great designs and colors on your pendants. Hope your next show is a great success!

  • Oh no!! Sorry this happened but you had the right attitude and kept going. Kudos to you.

  • Judy says:

    Your enamel work is beautiful! I’m glad you managed to persevere and still make sales. In my first jewelry sale, I had all of my higher end necklaces in the middle, displayed on a piece of granite. A woman was looking at them and in the process dumped her glass of wine all over them. They were made of beaded beads and woven rope, so I couldn’t sell them (worried about them holding up with the acid in the wine). Accidents happen, you seem better at taking them in stride. I need to work on that myself!

  • Sorry about the mishap … but these are beautiful!

  • Bernard Silverman says:

    Mine is the potential destruction that children can do to a display-when mom is distracted-I have even had kids take my stuff and mom never saw what was happening plus they seem to need to touch everything resulting in a temporarily disorganized display for passing clients.

  • Karen Watson says:

    Beautiful work!

  • Camille says:

    Hi Kim! I’m so sorry that happened to you. I’ve been doing shows for many years and one of my biggest struggles is how to display necklaces without having to spend hours setting them up and putting them away. One way you may consider is to use picture frames or small corkboards on easels, or even acrylic paintings on canvas (in very subtle colors so as not to distract from the jewelry). The necklaces can be pinned on to the back and easily removed for trying on. If you are a Pinterest user, you can find pictures of examples there. Hope this helps!

  • Katie Murphy says:

    They are stunning! I adore them!

  • Patt Sheldon says:

    I love your enamel pieces–colorful and unique. Here’s my thought for the day: sometimes people love a challenge and also want to be helpful. You could have set them out where people can see them as you untangled a few, then let them untangle the one/s they might want to buy. Offer a little discount for their perseverance!

  • Carolyn says:

    You do beautiful work and I hope you sell a lot more at your next show Kim!

  • Sorry about the mess. Look at it as a positive. I find sometimes its better to be out front fiddling or cleaning the jewelry when customers walk by or enter. It also gives you a reason to talk about your items or great them without sounding pushy.

  • Alice says:

    Now that will try a person’s patience for sure. I have an idea that I have used when transporting jewelry at work.
    First, pack the necklaces separately from the display.
    Second, lay out a large piece of tissue paper or cloth.
    Third, stack a group of necklaces on top of the paper.
    Next, take two pieces of ribbon and tie the stack together, in two spots, preferably opposite each other. (Left/right, top/bottom, you get the idea.)
    Then carefully wrap it up with the tissue paper, making a nice little packet. Pack them carefully in a box and it should be a piece of cake to unwrap and place them on your display.

    Your pieces are lovely, you should have no problem selling them.

  • Ann says:

    Lovely necklaces! Best of luck on your next outing.

  • Oh you poor thing! Great that you did make some sales. Your enameled pendants are beautiful!

  • Debra Lowe says:

    Love these pendants, great colors…sorry for your mishap, you sound like a super positive person~

  • Trish Lochnicht says:

    I make free necklaces for kids, generally beads that I can’t use on an elastic cord. Keeps their little hands busy for a minute, also I have kid size bracelets for $3 that they can look at.

  • Roxanna says:

    I transport necklaces by putting the chain/cord through a straw. It keeps each one separate. It takes much less time than detangling!

    Your pieces are beautiful.

  • Melissa says:

    From one Marylander to another – your enamels are beautiful! Thank you for posting your beautiful photos and smoother sailing in your next show.

  • Linda says:

    That’s a great idea! I’ve been seeing a lot of children misbehaving, the parents starts counting to 3, then @ 3 the little one, 4 year old, kinda stops, the parent says “thank you” & the child continues to touch what they were told not to touch! Yesterday I saw the same thing @ the Dr.’s office, in the waiting room! I don’t understand where parents are getting this, it doesn’t work! I like your idea of some free necklaces for them! Also some kid size bracelets, not too pricey!

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