Multi Use Rack with Folded Earring Cards

by Lynne Cirillo Creations.
(Venice, Florida USA)

Folded cardstock earring cards on black metal rack

Made my own cards, using card stock, used a safety pin to poke holes after folding cards in half.

Lynne Cirillo
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Chic and colorful
by: Rena

I love the attention-grabbing punch of color provided by your folded earring cards! Especially against the black display rack.

Also the foldover card design is a great, simple way to make earring cards hangable.

just a little hint
by: Manuela

I like the colorful cards as well. But to add holes with safety pins? Use a small hole punch and a template. It makes the holes consistent and gives the cards a more professional look. If you use the template as well, you’ll put the holes in the exact same spot on each card, which adds to the professionalism.

by: Lynne Cirillo

I use a large safety pin because the earring wires fit snug in the holes. I know it maybe not too professional looking, but helps when I’m transporting them to all stay in place without having to put the little rubber backs on all those earrings.
Thanks for the tip! I just posted some of my jewelry on Facebook@ Lynne Cirillo Creations, feel free to leave me some tips and comments.

Great idea!
by: Anonymous

Lynne, thanks for sharing this fantastic display idea with us! It’s very eye catching and I’m sure it would be perfect to display my earrings using minicards. Well done!

Earring Card Holes Template
by: Corabella

Lynne, I agree with you about using pins so the earrings fit snuggly in the holes.
To create earring holes in my cards, I made a template so the holes are always the same distance apart. I cut out a square of stiff plastic (I used a margarine lid), then pushed two thumbtacks through to the other side with the spacing I want for the earring holes. I then lay an earring card on a piece of cork (I’ve also used the back of a piece of carpet) and press the thumbtack template onto the card until the tacks poke through the paper.
If you make the plastic square the same width as your card, its easy to line it up to get the holes in the right spot.
It makes the job faster too because you can make 2 holes at once!
I would also like to give some feed back on your display – I think if all the earring cards were the same size it would give more attention to the earrings.

earring cards
by: Lynne Cirillo

Thanks so much for the tips. I will make a template foe the holes. I was thinking to make the cards all the same color. I was trying to use what I already had around the house. I’ll post a new photo after I change the cards. Thanks for the new ideas!

See Version 2 of this Earring Display!
by: Rena

Lynne has kindly just posted Updated Multi Purpose Rack – in which she shows how she incorporated the lovely feedback she received here and gave this display a makeover.

The result is inspiring!

Thanks so much to all for taking the time to give Lynne such helpful ideas here – and thanks to Lynne for sharing both versions of her earring display and cards!

how do the cards work?
by: connect to heaven

Do the earwires go through 2 pieces of cardboard? – the front and the folded over back. If so, how do you get them off the rack when someone wants to buy them?

I like the colorful papers. But am thinking of using my business card to hang them.

earring cards
by: Lynne

I do put the earrings thru both of the cards. I have to take this rack each week to the outdoor market. I can even lay it flat & they all pretty much stay on.
Customers can pull each earring out to remove. Some people ask, & some figure it out on thier own. It does help keep kids from knocking them off the rack. They can still touch, but the earrings stay in place. While the customer is waiting for me to remove the earrings from the rack, they usually spot another item they “must have”!

Great Idea
by: GemCandy Studio, Designs by Liz

I am in the infancy of my Jewelry business and has limited funds so I am always in search for ideas. I always thought I could make my own Earring cards and seeing how you did it so well inspires me to go on and design mine as well. Where can I find the rack you have for display? It there a table one?
Thanks for sharing your idea. Maybe I could share mine as well.

by: Lynne Cirillo

I purchased the rack at Pier One, it is pretty large. I display outside- so I use fold over type cards/papers to keep from blowing off.
If funds are short try your local thrift stores for items.
Check out my Facebook page: Lynne-Cirillo-Creations for more photos.

Where to buy rack
by: Judy

Where did you buy the rack for this display?

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