Jewelry Boutique Display

by Christine Yuss.
(Ventura, California USA)

I chose  tri-fold poster boards to display my earrings. I used small plastic hooks sold at any general store with adhesive backs to attach to the board.

CYuss: Jewelry Boutique Display 1

The sides were folded back and a 2X4 cut to size was inserted at the back along the bottom and stapled in place with wood staples. I loaded the earrings on fancy cut cardstock paper with a hole punched out that fit perfectly on the plastic hooks.

CYuss: Jewelry Boutique Display 2

This allowed me to load the boards at home and transport as fully set up to the sale site. During the drive over to the site, they never fell off! When the show was over, I loaded it back into the car and was done and gone in minutes. People liked that the items were at eye level.

CYuss: Jewelry Boutique Display 3

I tried to color-coordinate the boards so that “like” colored items were near each other. I’m new to craft fairs and only used these displays 4 times but have had many comments from other sellers that they liked my set up.

Christine Yuss
Jewelry Designs by Christine

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  • Christine, the first thing that struck me about your display was your colorful, cheerful variety of earring cards! They make your booth feel like a fun, happy place. And your boards are excellent for getting your work up at customers’ eye level. I always feel that being able to set up and take down quickly is important too, to save my energy for working with customers, and these displays fit that criteria very well. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  • britt says:

    this is awesome. thanks for sharing! im going to use your idea. i havent done a craft show yet but have been looking for something like this that i would be able to set up at home, and is fairly easy and lightweight to carry! thanks again

  • Britt, wishing you every joy and success in your jewelry business! 🙂

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