“Textures of Love” Potpourri Jewelry Set

by Tamara Summers.
(Sarnia, Ontario, Canada)

TSummers: "Textures of Love" Potpourri Jewelry Set 1

The inspiration for this red, purple and silver bracelet was the embellished heart made from repurposed red faux leather. I made it as a pendant a while ago. I decided last week that I would rather take it off of the silver chain it was on and make it the focal of one of my potpourri cuff bracelets.

"Textures of Love" Potpourri Cuff Bracelet and Earring Set

“Textures of Love” Potpourri Cuff Bracelet and Earring Set

I had a vintage acrylic cuff that I had previously painted silver but then had not ended up using at the time. I thought the heart worked very well on it, so I went to town adding a little silver glitter over the paint, then bits of grey mesh material, red lace, crystals in purple, clear, red and aurora borealis, and a little jewelled satin bow at the bottom of the heart.

TSummers: "Textures of Love" Potpourri Jewelry Set 3

It was pretty like that, but I started thinking about adding little flowers or flower petals, so I dove into my floral stash. I found some purple flowers with glittered edges, which were the best part of the flower, so I cut the glittered part off of a couple and glued bits of it onto the sides of my cuff.

Then I started playing with mauve hydrangea petals, and this is what I ended up with. The petals soften the look of the cuff, I think. I ended up extending the design onto the back side as well.

TSummers: "Textures of Love" Potpourri Jewelry Set 4

I decided to make a pair of co-ordinating earrings as well. These earrings are light as a feather. You’d never know you had them on.

I seem to be on a bit of a tangent with the mauve hydrangea petals now, so am carrying on with that. It seems to be one of my spring colours for creating with this year. 🙂

Tamara Summers
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