Jewelry Travel Organizer

by Rena Klingenberg.

A jewelry travel organizer is easy to make with some clear plastic pocket pages and a 3-ring binder.

Jewelry travel organizer made from plastic pocket pages and a binder

These pages are actually designed for displaying collections of coins, postage stamps, baseball cards, postcards, etc.

But they’re also ideal for displaying or organizing jewelry.

Pocket pages are usually made to be very sturdy, archival quality, and acid-free. They’re also completely clear, so your jewelry is perfectly visible through the plastic.

A binder for your
jewelry travel organizer

Since pocket pages come 3-hole punched, you can simply put them into an attractive binder.

I would use a binder with a built-in zipper around the edge to keep the dirt out and your jewelry in.

You could even decorate the binder cover to customize it for your jewelry business, to make it a really professional looking jewelry travel organizer.

Common pocket page configurations
that work well for jewelry:

* 20-Pocket Coin Pages
pocket size: 2-1/8″ x 2-1/8″

* 9-Pocket Baseball Card / Trading Card Pages
(shown in the photo above)
pocket size: 2-5/8″ x 3-5/8″

* 4-Pocket Postcard Pages
pocket size: 3-3/4″ x 5-1/2″

A portable jewelry display
you can carry nearly anywhere

You can actually fit quite a lot of inventory into a three-ring zipper-binder.

You could even place each jewelry item into a mini ziplock bag before putting it in the pocket, to keep it shiny longer.

To show and sell your work, you can simply pull your jewelry travel organizer out of a backpack or tote bag – and flip easily through the clear plastic pages.

Rena Klingenberg


by: Quotentials

Fantastic idea! This has been one of those, “Why didn’t I think of that?” moments. Thank you!

by: Janice

Oh my gosh, so easy, keeps items clean and fairly inexpensive…this is one tip I’m using.
Now to design those cards…

Fantastic Idea
by: KP Designs Handcrafted Jewlery

What an awesome idea! I’m often asked to bring some of my pieces to show, this is a perfect solution. and all the different pocket sizes will fit, my charms, earrings, bracelets & necklaces.

Very Good Idea!!!!!
by: The Jeweler

I am always happy to find simple and effective ways of moving and presenting jewelry. This has given me one way of packaging and displaying my work.

Thanks for sharing….

Amazingly simple, awesome idea!
by: JoyceIsCrafty

Why didn’t I think of that?????

LOVE this idea!

Thank you!

Love this creative idea!
by: Lisa Metzler

What a GREAT idea for things like earrings that are small and easy to misplace or lose. You could even use this as a display by just putting it out and calling it an Earring Album. I’m headed to the office supply store today!!

Pages to store Pearls??
by: Anonymous

What a great idea! The only problem I would have doing this is that my jewelry is fresh water cultured pearls and they shouldn’t be stored in plastic. The pearls need to breath. Is anyone aware of a product like these plastic sleeves that aren’t made out of plastic?


I Work With This Stuff…
by: Michelle from SC

every day as a secretary. Do you think that ONCE I thought about this? Never in a million years! This is a really great idea! Thanks!

P.S. I love, love, LOVE your site, Rena! Thanks, again.

Love this idea!
by: Anonymous

Recently all my outdoor craft fairs have been so windy, and chasing earring cards is not my idea of fun! This will be a great way for people to view earrings easily and quickly on a windy day.

velcro dot?
by: Anonymous

Fabulous idea! I’ve been racking my brain trying to come up with something like this…you’d think after all the baseball card books I helped my sons with over the years I’d have thought of it myself!!
I’ll be at the office supply tomorrow! My only concern is, I wonder if a piece could slip out the top of the pocket…I’m thinking maybe a velcro dot to hold it shut might be helpful. But I haven’t assembled one yet so perhaps that’s not even needed, but just a thought…

Thanks so much!

carry case
by: Anonymous

That is a fantastic idea, I was looking for an economical way to take my product to the stores, thanks so much!

by: Jen

Continuously amazed at all the wonderful ideas and inspiration that I find at your site! This travel idea rocks!!! Thanks Rena!

Jewelry Travel Organizer
by: Rena

Thanks so much for all your lovely comments! :o)

And your great additional inspirations for this display / storage idea!

I love the “Earring Album” title idea.

Regarding making the pockets “breathable” for your pearls – what if you perforated the plastic using a small hole-punch (paper punch)? You could make these “air holes” on the front or back of the pocket – or both. I don’t know of a non-plastic pocket page where the pockets are transparent.

Regarding whether the jewelry could slip out – Your velcro dots are a good idea for added safety. I’d recommend keeping the binder upright as much as possible after the jewelry is in the pockets. Also, using a binder with the zipper all around the outer edges would keep any pieces from getting lost if the binder got turned upside down.

And I love the idea for using this jewelry travel organizer as a display at windy shows! Customers could easily see your jewelry, but none of it could blow away.

by: Sally V

What a wonderful idea! I’m so glad you thought of it 🙂 I will definitely borrow this idea!

by: Selma

OH RENA, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! Your words and tips are always so inspiring and useful. I am truly grateful for this tip!

Excellent idea!
by: Joanne

That’s a great idea! Thanks for sharing Rena!

by: Erika

What a wonderfull idea. I usually store my earrings in a ziplock bag but when I want to look at them or find a particular piece I have to take them all out. I love this idea

by: Quotentials

What a fantastic idea. I just spent HOURS trying to find a way to transport my jewelry that would be easy for my friend and I to show customers pieces that might not already be out on display. Woo-hoo!

Amazing Idea
by: Lisa’s Tea Time Jewelry

Thank you for this idea. How creative is that?!!! I’m always looking for a way to travel with jewelry protected and easy to show. Great idea thank toy so much for sharing.

Thanks Again
by: Elaine King

Thank you once again for sharing a fantastic idea. I always find inspiration and encouragement from this site. I can’t wait to get my jewelry organized in a binder full of pocket sleeves. Nearly all of my designs contain Sterling Silver so I try to keep a small sheet of anti-tarnish tissue on or around them. The sleeves will make this so much easier. I can slide the sheet behind each piece. I like to use 4″x4″ Anchor brand watch paper; it is lint free and non-tarnishing. It can be easily cut to fit in gift boxes or folded to make a tarnish-free envelope. I also save all of the one-inch tissue squares that arrive with my ordered components. They will work perfectly in the pocket sleeves.

Me, too!
by: Margaret Stanley (Gillieflour)

I did the same thing, but with pages made for slides. I put my earrings on my business cards, slide the card down in the pocket, and let the earring dangles hang outside of the pocket. Easy to see, easy to remove and replace.

Pocket Pages for Jewelry
by: Rena

I’m so glad to hear you’re finding this idea helpful. Great idea for the anti-tarnish, Elaine! And Margaret, I like your idea of hanging your earrings on the outside of the pockets too.

fab idea – will have to try this
by: Helen

What a great idea. Will have to try this as at the moment I carry everything in boxes which take a lot of space. How would this work for bigger items though like beaded necklaces and bracelets?

Helen – for bigger items
by: Rena

Thanks, Helen!

For bigger items that aren’t too thick, there are similar clear pocket pages that have fewer, larger pockets per page. For example, there are pocket pages some sized for postcards and even larger items – which would work well for larger pieces of jewelry.

(Assuming the jewelry isn’t too thick. Something like a chunky cuff bracelet obviously wouldn’t work well in a notebook.)

You can also get pages that have more, smaller pockets per page (perfect if you have small pendants, charms, rings, etc.).

There are really a lot of possibilities!

earing pocket pages
by: Kate

So many ideas have come through on this topic, it’s great. I will be putting them all to good use.
Now i’m thinking of how to utilise this idea for my fresh water pearls as mentioned earlier.

Awesome idea!!
by: Joan

Thanks Rena. That is a great idea and is already giving me a new track to think along.

Elaine, you mentioned the Anchor Brand Watch Paper. Is the purpose of this to prevent tarnishing of SS, and how does it differ from anti-tarnish strips?

I have to get something and now sure what to buy.


by: sara

so simple & brilliant!!

Love the idea!
by: Pam Older

I love this idea, but now how to refine it and make it a little more elegant?

A more elegant jewelry travel organizer
by: Rena

Pam, how about slipping an elegant jewelry card into each pocket behind the jewelry?

And decorating your notebook cover to give it an upscale designer look?

You could also make some 3-hole-punched section dividers with pretty cardstock or collage.

album pages for jewelry display
by: Elaine McNamara

This is a great idea! I just might have some pages from a never done project.
I have never learned of tarnish papers etc. Where does one find them?
BTW, I do not make jewelry, only sell it from manufacturers…animal themed jewelry for animal lovers.

This has been a ‘rockin’ e-mail.

Thank you, Rena!

No-tarnish papers
by: Rena

Thank you, Elaine! Of course all jewelry people are welcome – thanks for joining us.

I’m so glad you’ve found this idea helpful.

You can find “anti tarnish” strips or squares at nearly any jewelry-making supplier or jewelry display supplier.

You have to change them every 2 to 3 months, but they do work wonders for keeping tarnish away. (Each time I change them I put a note on my calendar reminding me to change them 3 months later.)

Jewelry organizer
by: Arline

For the lady who uses a lot of pearls, perhaps you could sew see-through material onto stock paper, that would allow air to circulate. And you could make the squares any size you needed.

Great Idea
by: Beverly

This is a great idea. I was looking for a way that I can carry my inventory because I am constantly asked about seeing my jewelry. I started a photo album with pictures to show but when showing the real thing makes the sale. I plan to work on mine this weekend. I wanted a travel jewelry case that looked like a briefcase. And carrying a briefcase makes you look more professional. You can get those zipper binders with handles. FYI: One type of zipper binder you can use, is the one is a calendar portfolio binder, which comes with handles too.

Beverly Holman
BooCee’s Jewelry

Professional looking binder
by: Rena

Beverly, I totally agree – having the real jewelry in person is what makes the sale!

Thanks for your idea of using a calendar portfolio binder with handles!

by: Cat

Thank God for you, Rena…without all the input from so many talented artisans (you included!), we would be forever lost with finding new ways to do things. I burst right out laughing at the one comment about the gal that worked with this stuff every day and never thought of it. We’re all good at missing the obvious!

Thanks for always providing such new and fresh ideas, Rena. I’ve been at this for almost 20 years and I still learn from others.

Chatty Cat’s

by: Rena

Thank you, Cat, for your lovely compliment! I’ve also enjoyed learning some new tips and perspectives from you.

It’s fun to find a jewelry purpose for everyday items that were originally intended for something totally different! 🙂

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  1. Adriana says:

    Hi Rena, I was wondering if you can give me an idea for a travel-organizer for necklaces and bracelets too. I am a wholesaler of Eco-friendly jewelry from Colombia, South America. Since the jewelry is made of vegetable ivory (Tagua), seeds, coconut and gourd, they are very thick and plastic pages in a binder wouldn’t work. Right now I’m carrying them in individuals plastic bags in a Tote. Thanks in advance for your response. Adriana

  2. In a tight spot? Can’t get anti-tarnish strips fast enough? I discovered that if you put about a half inch of chalk — just buy regular kids chalk or like the teachers used to use — break pieces off and put them in with your jewelry. Chalk absorbs moisture and I live in Florida — lots of moisture here! 🙂 I put the dust from them in a piece of cotton (like those round things quilters make) to keep from wasting material and it’s not all over the place.

  3. Fantastic chalk tips, Bev! Thanks so much for sharing! 🙂

  4. Rena,
    Great idea for my coin jewelry that is pretty flat anyway! I am heading to Office Depot that have the nice zippered binders for planner systems. I think I will also look for a 3-ring zipper pencil pouch to hold a few blank invoices, organza bags, etc. Then I am also equipped to sell, all in the same binder. Nice, and thanks for thinking outside the box (once again).

  5. Awesome idea – Perfect idea to use as a portfolio if you are talking to a shop owner for consignment.

  6. Excellent idea Rena!

    As far as “plastic pockets go…you want to keep your items in polypropylene pockets…NOT vinyl. Vinyl pages will yellow or grey up and harden over time, and they are not good for keeping anything in (I have taken museum conservation courses in the past). You also might be able to purchase mylar “archival” pocket pages from a museum supply company like “Light Impressions.” These of course are the best – museums use them, thinnest, clearest, and impart a wonderful shine unmatched by polypropelene pages. Poly pages are easy to find, and cheapest though…you can find them in comic shops, coin and collectable stores, online, and in office supply stores in different weights .

    If you buy the heaviest poly pages, you might consider making your own pages…buy sewing the pockets on a sewing machine. and idea I have heard of doing, but never tried myself.

    Here is one word of advice though…if you store your jewelry in a “zip up binder”…please make sure to open it occasionally so moisture/ humidity doesn’t get trapped inside the pages and cause mold to ruin your jewelry and the cards themselves. better to keep the binder open at home and occasionally flip the pages to make sure all get some air circulation.

    Make sure, if you do a damp outdoor show…when you come home to check on the earring cards…if they absorbed any moisture from the air…they all need to come out of the pockets and dry a few days. Otherwise you are creating an encapsulated environment. This advice is especially warranted if you live in a high humidity region….don’t trap your items in non breathable plastics.

  7. Rena, I have been using this system for about 3 years now and yes it does work great. For the person who works with Freshwater Pearls-I do too- and the pockets are open so unless you put them in plastic bags, they can breath. I have not had any ill effects on my pearl jewelry from using this system. Also, I make my own cards for my jewelry and make them all the same size that will fit “snugly” in the pockets, this will keep them from flying out as the pages are turned. Appreciate your books, and all your information. It is obvious how much time you invest in getting the best info out to those who read it. Thanks.

  8. An after thought after I posted my last. I attach my jewelry to the cards that I insert into the pockets with black twist ties available from Rio Grande if pendants or poke holes in the cards for earrings, that way I can take the piece out to hand to the customer, and it allows them to hold it without getting fingerprints on the jewelry. Cuts down on cleaning : )

  9. Wanda G. Robinson says:

    This is an excellent idea.

  10. Another twist on this concept. I keep all my half finished projects and repairs in the clear pencil/pen holders in a three ring binder. The pencil holder has a nice secure zipper and a plastic window so i can quickly find a project or repair. Best part is they come in many colors so I can color code my binder.

  11. Vicki Entrekin, Vicki E's Designs says:

    Absolutely wonderful ideas! I would have never thought of such a fantastic display. I will be doing my first craft fair in a week and this will be a fantastic thing to try. Rena, thank you so VERY much for your blogs and newsletters. I have learned so much from you and all the artisans out there. I have shared your tips will all of my friends and they find you as wonderful and as informative as I do. This will be another tip to share.
    Everyone that contributed, THANK YOU! Mary Ann (with the museum), thank you for sharing all the thoughts about mold, etc. Very helpful!

  12. WillieMae says:

    That is a wonderful idea. When I saw it I said to myself, why didn’t I think of that. I am always looking for ways to be organized. I will go and buy some this weekend.

    Thank you.

  13. This is an awesome idea. I will be visiting my daughter in another state and she is having a jewelry party for me. I now have 4 zipped binders going in my carry on suitcase. I used full page card stock for my necklace sets – 2 pages back to back slide inside full size page protectors.

  14. Wonderful idea! Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

  15. I love this idea! Rena, thank you for inspiring me to be more organized.

  16. Kathy Szmolke says:

    Another way to keep moisture from ruining your jewelry in the notebooks would be to start saving the “Do Not Eat” dessicant packs that come in so many products that we purchase every day…shoes, vitamins, etc. They absorb the moisture and many are small enough to fit into the pockets of the poly pages. Just a suggestion!

  17. i love this idea! Today I purchased a 12×12 leatherbound scrapbook and pocket inserts for that size. I like the fact that there are 5 large pocket inserts on one page so I can keep jewelry collections together.

  18. Great idea, neat and professional. This will definetly boost my confidence when showing my jewelry. Thanks.

  19. I took Rena’s advise and made a jewelry roll out of poly plastic and nice decorative fabric, and when I go out I show what’s in the roll to curious wanderers.

  20. I got a jewelry roll that I was going to use, and wound up using it for my own jewelry. I have a binder that I keep samples of crystal colors in, and have wondered how it would work for at least part of the jewelry I sell. It is definitely true that seeing the actual piece is better than a picture. Thank you again for your wonderful ideas!

  21. I’m so glad to hear how helpful this idea is for everyone! And thanks for sharing all the additional tips. 🙂

    Karen, I love your idea of using this system to also bring crystal color samples along – great thinking!

  22. What type of material do you use for your tables? And where did you buy it? Thank you so much for all your ideas and for sharing them!

  23. I thought of one more thing to share, I use clips on my earring cards to keep them from flying off my earring stands. That way my cards have all my information as well as holes for my earrings.
    Thanks again for all the great ideas.

  24. This is a great idea. I will use it to show to prospective buyers at retail stores.

  25. Carol says:

    Rena and all who participated in this discussion – I’ve gotten lots of great ideas from this newsletter, but I think this has got to be the best!

  26. Do these come with pockets for thicker things? If so where do I find them. My stuff wont fit in the regular stuff. Maybe you have some suggestions. Thanks Lynn

  27. The perfect solution to a transportation problem. I love this idea, Rena. While I thought plastic bags or a board were an answer, this is so much better.

    Thanks so much.

  28. Thanks once again, Rena!! This article and the comments take this idea to a whole new level for me. This has worked well for me the last couple of years for backup inventory and inventory in different stages of completion at home and at shows. I can take a notebook full of pendants or earrings only to a show and then as I sell and need to refill my displays I can choose which pendant or earring to add a chain or ear wires to and easily restock that particular color or style. I always have pieces in different stages of completion and a lot of them.

  29. Thanks for all the great feedback and additional ideas for this portable jewelry display! I love hearing how useful this display is for you, and how you add innovations to make it even better! 🙂

  30. WOW! Thank you Rena! I’m with you on the organizing…When I do, it’s pretty inspiring for me.

  31. Marlene Wilkens says:

    Thanks Rena,
    That is a very creative and cost effective way to travel with a lot of jewelry. I will add that to my list! I am grateful for your website it guides newcomers, like myself and seasoned jewelry artist with various ideas.
    Thank You!

  32. Thank you, Marlene! That’s wonderful to hear. 🙂

  33. I too have been using these to keep some of jewelry items organised.
    I store my pieces in ziplock bags and then slide them in the pockets.
    I keep them stored in the binder so I just have to take the binder when I have a show.

    I have been thinking of putting the binder open on the table when I have shows, maybe it’s more inviting to have a look then.

  34. Carina, I think that turning pages of an album-style jewelry style appeals to some people. And having the binder already open to an enticing “page” of jewelry invites them to start browsing through it to see what other treasures it holds! 🙂

  35. Marcia Dooly says:

    I just found a revolving 3’high shoe tree. Has any one used one as a jewelry display? I’m thinking of displaying my long boho necklaces from it (my forte) and love the idea that it will revolve.

    And for my earrings and pendants, I love the poly-pocket notebook pages idea. I’m assembling thoughts for my first jewelry show. I could take the assembled notebook to the show and lay it open, make two or three with themes, or take pages out and fan them across the table (if there’s room). I’m also thinking of color grouping or metal grouping.

  36. Marcia, we’d love to see your displays at your first show! I think your idea for the revolving boho necklace display sounds very clever. Wishing you a wonderful, profitable first show!

  37. Colleen says:

    What a dummy I am!!!! I also dabble in scrap booking and have most of my materials in a binder using these pages. HELLO!! Great idea for jewelry shows Rena!! This will certainly be easier to carry and take up much less space than boxes. Yes, this was one of those smack in the forehead, duh, OMG,ideas.
    Thank you so much for waking me up Rena!! ❤️❤️

  38. Colleen, you’re very welcome! I’m so glad to hear this idea will be helpful to you. 🙂

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