Inspired by The Pendant Tree

by Nancy.
(San Diego, California USA)


In a previous newsletter issue there was a story by Wanda Anderson about the pendant “tree” display she made.

When I read the story I thought it was a novel idea with unlimited potential.

I decided to use the idea to make an earring display for home parties. Mine turned out quite different, with a single trunk and many branches.

I set the tree in plaster of Paris and used an inexpensive ceramic pot for the base. Then I covered the plaster with smooth river rock to give it a finished look – and before I was done I had three trees!

They were quite a hit at my most recent party and I had inquiries about purchasing them.

A new side line? Who knows?

Regardless, my thanks to Wanda for this great idea and to you for publishing her story.


The Multi-Purpose Tree
by: Rena

Nancy, what a neat story!

I’m not surprised that you have people interested in your trees as well as your jewelry.

I could see them as home decor pieces – to hang photos on, or seasonal ornaments (Halloween, Easter, etc.). Or even as a Christmas tree for folks in a small home, dorm room, or office.

Also possibly as a beautiful and unusual way of storing one’s own jewelry at home.

Anyway, I’m thrilled to have played a small part in the connection between Wanda’s idea and your new trees. Thanks so much for sharing your story!


do you have pictures?
by: Janis S

I’d love to see a picture of your earring tree.

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