The Pendant Tree

by Wanda Anderson.
(Leesburg, FL, USA)

The Pendant Tree

Most of my shows are outdoors in Central Florida. We get a lot of wind gusts up to 30 to 40 mph here very suddenly.

I have come up with displays for most of my jewelry to keep things “anchored” down so that I am not chasing my jewelry down the isles like so many other vendors!

The one display that I hadn’t solved yet was for my pendants. I really don’t like the way they look when they are just laying flat in a tray or on the table.

My husband came up with the idea of a tree branch. It sounded good, but fragile. After thinking about it for a while, I got some 18 gauge floral wire and wrapped it with floral tape to form “branches”.

I found a beautiful wooden pot at the store that was inexpensive and filled it with plaster of paris, inserted the “trees” and covered the plaster with spanish moss.

The pendants hang beautifully from the branches and don’t fall off in a breeze because I curled the ends. The weight of the plaster keeps the tree from blowing over, and the customers can see how the pendant really “hangs”.

We got our real test this past weekend. We had a micro-burst storm hit our show. Out of nowhere, the wind picked up to over 50 mph! Tents were distroyed, vendors lost their products! It was awful!

We had our tent anchored and weighted, but it was still coming up. Six customers grabbed the tent and held it down. All of our displays were fine, and the Pendant Tree stood still like a mighty old Oak!

The tree is very easy and inexpensive to make. Try it! I think that you will like it!

Wanda Anderson
WMA Designs


Not just a pretty pendant display – also a windproof display!
by: Rena

Wanda, what a fantastic innovation. It’s hard to find interesting ways to display pendants, but you’ve hit on an excellent idea here.

I also like the weatherproof aspect of it. One of my worst jewelry show experiences was at a super-windy show where everything kept blowing over and blowing away.

Your tree idea could be adapted for other pieces of jewelry too.

Thanks so much for sharing your idea!

Great Idea
by: Nancy V.

I read Wanda’s comments on her Pendant Tree and thought “What a great idea!” So I decided to play around with the idea and found it makes a wonderful display for earrings. I especially like the way big hoops can be displayed. It allows you to see how they move and really shows off the flash and sparkle. Thanks for posting the information and thank you Wanda for sharing your idea.

Thank-you for the great idea!
by: Tammie

I’ve only been to 2 shows so far and have one coming up outdoors. I live in Oklahoma and we get a lot of wind. I sat up one time outside and it lasted about 20 minutes before a wind came up and blew my jewelry everywhere. I decided I couldn’t do it outside again. You’ve given me hope that I can. This was a wonderful idea. Before I was just laying all my jewelry flat. My Mother has started making me some displays for necklesses. I just came into the internet to find new ideas for displays I can make. I can’t afford to buy any. I’ve seen some strange stuff people have put their jewelry on. This is wonderful. It’s a great looking display and solves my wind problems. Thank-you from the bottom of my heart for sharing.

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