How to Keep Jewelry from Getting Tangled Between Shows?

by Alicia Toppin.

Jewelry display at flea market

Closeup of jewelry in booth at the flea market

Necklaces displayed in flea market booth

Closeup of long necklaces in display at flea market

Recently I started to sell jewelry in a flea market. Usually I take around 2 to 3 hours to set up my booth. I need 2 to 3 hours to pack too.

See all the jewelry stand I have, and the jewelry on the stand?

When I take the jewelry items off the jewelry stand to bring home, sometimes I roll them on a big fabric. Or sometimes I just put them in a plastic box.

They wind up all tangled together badly when I reach home.

If I don’t use jewelry trays, what is the best idea to store them?

I have a question about the type ofย  jewelry tray that you use (I saw it in your website of setting up the booth), did you use pins to pin each piece of jewelry on the tray?

If not, how did you travel with them?

Alicia Toppin


Keeping jewelry from getting tangled, and how I use jewelry trays
by: Rena

Hi Alicia!

Barbara MacDougall just posted some ideas today that may help you with keeping your jewelry untangled, as well as setting up your display faster at each event you do.

You can see Barbara’s ideas here: Tweaking My Table to Save HOURS of Setup Time.

Barbara’s new display ideas were inspired by a cool storage and display system shared by Dawn Kruchoski: Pegboard and Tin Display with My Company Logo – be sure to scroll down through Dawn’s article to see pictures of how she stores her jewelry between shows.

About transporting jewelry in trays:

Thanks for asking about that!

To answer your question I’ve just added a new section to my page that tells all about how I use my jewelry display trays.

Scroll down that page to see the new section, which has the title “Keeping Jewelry in Place in the Trays” . (If you don’t see this new section when you arrive at that page, refresh / reload the page and the new content should show up for you.)

I hope these ideas help, Alicia!

Transporting Necklaces
by: Sally V

I use an “oversized” plastic bead/fishing tackle type box (with compartments), with some of the the dividers removed so that there are only 3 long compartments.

I slide 5-10 necklaces over my hand, tie a piece of ribbon through the bunch, and lay them in one of the compartments.

I do the same with bracelets, and they lay on top of the necklaces. This has worked well for me — very little tangling.

I had the same problem
by: Veronica

I went online and found jewelry organziers. One is to hang necklaces which is called Household Essentials Necklace/Bracelet Organizer and the other is called Household Essentials 80-Pocket Cotton Canvas Jewelry Organizer. These have been great for both storage in my studio as well as going to shows. They have hangers.

by: Glenda Munguia

I use paper to hang my necklaces from. It is the kind of paper that is used when packing so it is thick and bulky. I make a roll out of it, and put my necklaces in it, hanging from there. They could still tangle a bit, but not terribly. I then grab the ends of the roll (like in a U shape) and lay it on the fabric that I use to cover up the tables, so it is in a soft surface, with more fabric on top. It is a very cheap alternative, but you would need several rolls perhaps for all your volume. The rest of my necklaces are on trays or chain displays.

Easy travel Fix
by: Cindy Lou

I have found that when using various sizes of displays for necklaces I take 1/4 inch elastic measure a secure band around my display with about a 2 inch extra piece on both sides. I then pull the elastic around the base and tie the two ends in a knot. This keeps the necklaces in place on upright display pieces for traveling. When you set up for a show just take it off and fluff. Super easy and it lets you pack several easle type, pegboard or frame types of holders in one crate. I also take felt squares and lay them over the jewelry as I pile the trays in to protect beads and metals. Very fast and convenient. Good Luck!

reply to Cindy
by: Alicia

Thank your ladies for posting the comments helping me to solve my issue. Cindy, do u mind to take a picture of how u use the elastic to secure your jewelry when you travel?

by: Anonymous

My suggestion would be to not take so much jewelry in the first place. To me, your displays have too many items and look cluttered. I’m sure that’s not what you wanted to hear… it’s just hard to see any one thing when there’s so much to look at.

jewelry display
by: Alicia

Yes, someone told me that too. Just too many stuff there and my jewelry stand collapsed a couple of times when customer try to touch them.

Transporting jewelry
by: Linda

I do shows also and used to have a terrible time with tangled chains. I do wire wrapping, and for a while I removed the chains and put the pendants in trays. My chains are in a separate plastic container and strung through pieces of drinking straws. Now I have some of my pendants on the chains on easels. To transport them, I use food plastic wrap wrapped tightly around the whole easel. You can get a box for $1. I re-use the pieces as much as I can. I hope some of this helps. Rita, thanks for this newsletter. I’ve gotten so many good hints here!

tangle free
by: here today beadworks

ziplock bags for each piece – easy and inexpensive. I put a pretty sticker that looks like an oversize version of my business card on each one and use them as an inexpensive “gift bag” for customers to use to get their piece home. I plan on upgrading to gift boxes, but haven’t yet.

by: KJ

I bought seed beads in hanks for years. The best way to travel with the hanks was to lay them on saran wrap and roll them. Works great for finished pieces too. I did note someone above mentioned using saran wrap around the entire display. I prefer to pack displays and finished pieces separately.

For my more expensive necklaces I buy cheap terry cloth hand towels in pairs. Lay one down, lay the necklaces on the towel spaced an inch or three apart, then lay the second towel on top and roll. To each end afix a rubber band. This is a cheap jewelry roll and works great, it is fast, easy, cheap, and reusable.

quick, cheap and easy
by: Ar

I know that when I do a craft show and it is over I usually can’t wait to get out of there. I found that the paper covered twist ties that come in plastic baggies boxes works to secure my necklaces and bracelets together. I just put a twistie around the bunch and volia! ready for home transport.

Homemade Jewelry Rolls
by: InsteadHCJ

I just did my first show and was in a real quandry about how to get in and out in the time limit allowed.

I created jewelry rolls to fit into my trays which are 16 x 18 black plastic trays. I purchased matching placemats and napkins (all in black with a woven pattern). I add three rows of narrow black elastic to the surface of the placemats. Then I cut the napkins in half and sewed them to the long edges of the placemats.

I was able to lay my jewelry out in advance attached around the elastic bands discreetly. My small bracelet stands also laid flat on the placements. Then I rolled up the jewelry roll and tied each with black ribbon.

So easy to just unroll, then set the bracelet stands upright so that the sets were displayed together. At the end of the show, just roll them back and tie the bows.

Still looking for a good solution for the sets that I display on necks and a bracelet stand.

Same problem but long move
by: Lisa at Wild Gift Designs

I have the same problem – I am moving from Europe to the States and would like to know a space saving option for transporting my designs. I have yet to think of a safe, secure, space saving option that is inconspicuous as jewelry.

Storing & Displaying Jewelry
by: Cheryl

I’ve struggled with the same problems over the years and I was heart-broken when some expensive oieces got broken. I started storing my jewelry in gift boxes, then at the show move the lid to the bottom of the box and display. I then just remove a few pieces to display on the busts.

I recently found jewelry gift boxes that have clear plastic lids. Customers can still see the jewelry, remove the lids if they want to handle but it keeps the jewelry very clean at outside shows especially where there is alot of dust.

Since I do mostly sets, the boxes work really well for me to keep the necklace, earrings and bracelet all together.

me too
by: Anonymous

I find that having lots of items gives it an eclectic look and when i sell i also sell cosmetic bags and when I pack up I take small sections of jewelry and roll in bags also I use shopping bags to layer the pieces and then when i set up again they are all in the same lots they were in before

Paper Towel
by: 1208

I have two kinds of necklaces, the fun cheaper items and then the high ticket items. The cheaper ones roll up in paper towel. The amount of paper between necklaces depends on the fragility of the piece. Yes, it’s a big roll at the end, but it fits down in my bag and is easy to carry. Then when I set up for the next show, I unroll and set up as they appear. The high ticket items have their own organza bags that I give to the buyer. And they pack in a big tupperware without shifting.

trays to use
by: Anonymous

I use the ones with all the compartments ,but I take out some of the dividers then I can lay them flat ,get the kind that are thin and have small compartments just keep your eye out you can find them for 1.00 or less .I found a nice set at big lots 5 containers all slid into a box with a handle , I make some of the spaces to hold bracelets and some for earrings then I have all the items from same area together .

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  1. I wrap my jewelry in silver cloth…burrito style. I can get dozens of like pieces in one roll. I keep bracelets separate from necklaces. This keeps tarnish away and allows me to unroll burrito for merchandising. Sets are rolled together. Hope this helps!

  2. I found a very cheap wood rack at a thrift store. I think it was once for DVDs or CDs. Since I make all my links, except for the simple chains for a single pendant, I had a terrible time with the chains sliding through bead loops. At yesterday’s show, I got fed up and, rather than using the rack for display, I hooked all my necklaces on it. When I got ready to leave, I wrapped it tight with a large garbage bag and, when I got home, none had fallen off or tangled! It lays flat and fit very well on top of my tables.

  3. Liz, that turned out to be a great discovery – a different way to use the display! I love when that happens. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Vickie Shelton says:

    I layer like colors between bubble wrap sheets in a storage box with handles. I top it off with extra bubble wrap to hold layers in place. This saves time when you set up for a show as well. I group like colors together at shows and show from light to dark. ๐Ÿ˜Š

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