3) Jewelry Display Trays

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These black plastic stacking jewelry display trays are the modular building blocks of my current jewelry display system.

Three of my trays stacked up, with a piece of brown silvercloth (which prevents tarnish – available at fabric stores) cut to fit inside each tray, over the jewelry.

Jewelry Tray Inserts

Inside the stacking trays I use a variety of tray inserts, which are flocked dividers shaped to hold jewelry in place inside the trays. They keep your jewelry organized and in place for transporting to jewelry shows and parties:

Beaded bracelets stay neatly in their own sections of this bracelet tray insert.

Pendants and their cards stay right where they belong in their square-shaped sections of this tray insert.

Underneath the silvercloth is a display of turquoise necklaces, mounted on a row of hooks on a necklace-easel insert that’s manufactured to fit inside jewelry display trays.

I can just take the necklace easel out of the tray, open up its built-in stand on the back, and voila! My turquoise necklaces are ready to sell. I stow the silvercloths and empty trays inside my wheeled tray cases during the show.

Necklace easels are the only tray inserts I remove from the trays during a show.

All other inserts simply stay in the trays, loaded with jewelry, ready to sell as soon as I whip off their silvercloth coverings – and ready to cover and pack up again in moments.

Keeping Jewelry in Place in the Trays

Here’s how to make your jewelry stay nicely positioned in its trays during travel from your home to your jewelry show or party, and back again:

For storage and travel I lay a piece of the silvercloth (“no tarnish cloth”) over the top of all the jewelry inside the tray.

Then I place a piece of foam rubber, which I’ve also cut to fit exactly inside my trays, over the top of the no tarnish cloth.

(Instead of foam rubber, you could also use acoustic foam to exactly fit over the top of each tray. Acoustic foam has the “egg-crate” sculpted surface on one side – and if you turn it so that the “hills and valleys” of the egg-crate surface area against your jewelry in its compartments, it may hold your pieces in place better.)

The key is to have some sort of material that will press gently and softly down against the jewelry, holding it in place, when another tray is stacked on top of it for travel.

Then I stack up my jewelry trays inside of my carrying cases, so each trayful of jewelry is held snugly inside its tray for travel.

When I set up my display at the show or party, I simply set up all of my pre-loaded trays as shown in my jewelry show display, and then just very quickly go around do some minor straightening or adjusting of the jewelry inside the tray compartments (if needed).

Next, see how I create simple, cheap display risers to elevate my stacking jewelry display trays off the tabletop!

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