How to Clean Flocked Jewelry Displays and Trays?

by Janine.
(Holliston, Massachusetts, USA)

Does anyone know how to clean flocked jewelry trays with flocked velvet displays?

A good friend gave me a dozen trays and they are in great shape but need a cleaning. I also could use this tip for my flocked jewelry display busts. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!!

Janine Design


Cleaning flocked jewelry displays
by: Rena

Hi Janine!

Here are some of the things I’ve done (and some things I’ve heard of other people doing) to clean lint, dirt, pet hair, etc. off the surface of flocked trays and displays:

1) Use your vacuum cleaner’s hose. For trays, it helps if the hose has an attachment that can get into the corners and crevices of the tray compartments.

2) Use the sticky side of scotch tape or masking tape to dab at the flocked surfaces till you’ve removed all the lint, etc. You can roll a strip of masking tape into a ball (with the sticky side facing out) and roll it around the flocked surface. If you try a super-sticky tape like packing tape, dab gently so you don’t also remove the flocking. I’ve also heard of using the sticky side of mailing labels for removing lint, etc. – but they’re usually more expensive than tape.

3) Use one of those little rollers made for removing pet hair from clothes. This works better on larger, flat surfaces like a jewelry bust than on compartmented surfaces like trays.

4) Use one of those little plastic combs made for removing fuzz, lint, pilling, etc. from sweaters and other clothes (Fuzz-Off or D-Fuzz-It) – usually found with the clothes-hangers or laundry supplies in stores like the dollar store and Walmart. Brush it across the flocked surfaces to remove the dust, lint, hair, etc.

5) I’ve heard of people using rubber gloves to remove the lint, etc. Put on the glove and rub it across the flocked surface. You may have to brush a bit to work up the static that removes the hair, lint, etc. I haven’t tried this, but if you have rubber gloves on hand (ha ha!) it may be worth a try.

6) Use an electrostatic rubber pet hair brush (I haven’t tried this but have heard of it). It’s a rubber brush that attracts the pet hair, etc. as you brush in a straight or circular motion. Probably works similarly to a rubber glove. Costs about $7 or $8 in Walmart, pet stores, possibly dollar store.

7) Use a slightly dampened cloth to wipe down flocked surfaces and pick up the gunk.

I hope this helps, Janine, and I’d love to hear what works best for you! 🙂

Useful Advice
by: Patricia C Vener

Thanks Rena!

Cleaning Flocked Displays and Trays
by: JoAnne Green

I use the small lint rollers. They do a great job and pealing off the used up tape reveals fresh areas to pick up the lint. I sometimes find that a good blow from an air can (like used to dust your computer) helps with those stubborn corner areas.

cleaning flocked displays
by: Chris @ Natural Reflections

I use a lint roller (the sticky tape type) to clean my displays. You may have to use more than one per display because some of the black fuzzy stuff sticks to the tape but it really helps to get them looking like new again.
Hope this helps!

Using Paint Sponges
by: Jane from

When I was doing picture framing we worked with suede mats and we used tape and the foam paint brushes they are wonderful and work really well. They cost very little and if thats all you use them for they last forever and they can be cleaned. Give them a try!

by: Anonymous

I agree with the packing tape or duct tape. It works really well, makes the displays look brand new.

Another Way to Clean Flocked Displays
by: Diana-D’s Beadz

I have velveteen displays and I use a suede brush (the kind you used to be able to get for shoes) to clean mine, the one I have has wire bristles, so be gentle. Its also small enough to carry around with you. I clean all my displays after each use so I know they will be fresh for the next show.

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  1. I just drag them over my bottom and the clothing fabric does it for me–quick and easy! When I’m setting up or putting away I do a quick swipe even though it’s not so elegant and I get a few laughs and comments.

  2. I just redo those velvet type displays like this video from B’Sue does. I hope I’m allowed to show this.

  3. So many ideas! I had some white velvet tray pads that had gotten smudge with dirt and hair. I used the lint roller and then used a disinfecting wipe to get the dirt. The spots dried in a matted condition so I used a lint brush to pull the nap back up. They look great! I do renaissance shows so a lot of dust. I noticed a man selling sterling on velvet pads and he did not have to remove the jewelry to clean the pads. He told me about a feather duster with the barbs. It works great!

  4. First thing I do is turn the tray inserts over and give them a quick knock against the tabletop, you’d be surprised how much lint just flies off them.
    I’ll hold them up vertical then take a stiff bristled brush like a large stenciling paint brush and just brush out each section.

  5. I use a can of compressed air which is sold for cleaning electronics. Works well and it is fast.

  6. Lint rollers win every time. You can buy a six pack of the big ones at Costco. I always have one in my supplies for shows.

  7. I have a good rubber brush from Fly Lady. (I’m not in any way connected with this company.)

  8. Thanks guys! Foam paintbrush, rubber gloves and that can of air in the office are all interesting ideas! Who knew! I always come here for the best tips:)

  9. Lint rollers for sure, but I love the sticky tape ball – it works really well for me!

  10. I always make sure I have a roll of duct tape with me at craft shows. It works wonders for getting rid of stubborn lint and hair on displays. I can also be ready the tape down loose extension cords if needed or take care of any other duct tape worthy emergencies. 🙂

  11. HINT: After you have cleaned your flocked trays, rub them all over with a Bounce dryer sheet. It will act as a barrier for dust and lint to stick to it. Amazing!

  12. very useful information you shared with us..Thank You!!

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