How Can I Get Someone to Host My First Jewelry Party ?

by Kimberly Knight.
(Soddy Daisy, TN)

How to Get Someone to Host My First Jewelry Party?  Jewelry by Kimberly Knight  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

my latest creations, button bracelets!

Hi, my name is Kimberly and I love to make jewelry of all types. I have a small business called Kimberly’s Kreations and I have been selling now for almost 3 years.

I still have a full time job, so this takes up a lot of my spare time.

In this time I have sold a few pieces online, a few to the ladies at my dentist office, and most at a flea market type setting.

I have had several people tell me I should do home parties, but I can’t get anyone interested in actually hosting one.

How to Get Someone to Host My First Jewelry Party?  Jewelry by Kimberly Knight  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

another crazy style, headband necklaces.

I am in a quandary, my family and best friend love my pieces but they don’t wear jewelry, so I can’t look to them to help me get started. I keep thinking if I can have that first party, I can get the ball rolling with referrals.

I would love your thoughts and input on how and where to break into this way of selling my handmade jewelry. I thoroughly enjoy making new pieces, but I am so discouraged lately that I can’t find the motivation to make anything new, just for it to just sit in my inventory case.

Kimberly Knight
Kimberly’s Kreations

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  1. Christine says:


    I’ve been thinking through the same problem. I finally turned it around (how would I feel if someone asked me to host a home party?) and realized I was leaving out a key piece of information when asking people to host for me: what’s in it for the host? Is it a discount based on total sales or number of pieces sold, free pieces, a combination of these things? If you do kits, do you provide one free kit for a given number of orders? I haven’t had a chance to test my theory yet, but I know I’m more likely to host for someone else if I know and value “what’s in it for me?”.

  2. Hi Kimberly, here’s a different way to position your jewelry parties to your non-jewelry-wearing family and friends:

    Everyone needs to give gifts throughout the year – and jewelry is often the perfect gift to give. The fact that these particular ladies don’t wear jewelry themselves doesn’t mean they wouldn’t like to give your handmade jewelry as gifts to their loved ones. And if they could get a good bit of their gift shopping done (helped with the hostess bonus you’d offer them for having the party) – they could probably gather a nice group of guests who also need to purchase gifts (and may be jewelry wearers themselves). You can see details on hostess bonuses and other jewelry party particulars in this post: Jewelry Home Party Success Tips.

    Wishing you all the best with your jewelry parties, and let us know how it goes for you! 🙂

  3. Kimberly, I am in a similar situation, working full time and making jewelry in my spare time for the past 2 1/2 years. I decided to hold my own first jewelry party. I set up an artist page on Facebook, posted pics of my work, then invited close friends as well as friendly acquaintances via Facebook. One acquaintance who came offered to hold my second party. Don’t worry if you start out small because your first parties are learning experiences anyway.

  4. Kimberley
    Have you thought about offering a group IE: Scouts, daycare, church mothers union, a showing of your pieces and offer them pieces to raffle at the evening. you could have a one off signature piece that will be your lucky draw host gift (everyone who puts an order in/buys something gets a ticket) and a event draw for all those attending. I dont sell much jewellery to sell but do sell occasional christmas balls and other items through our local art society exhibition (for about ten years-often only up to five a year) and have started selling handmade cards through a kindergarten. for every card sold they get 30% of selling price so the mums can see something coming back to them straight away. I also have now put some of my embroidered brooches for sale in the local art gallery and made my first sale.
    hope that this helps.

  5. Phyllis C says:

    Make up a few flyers, with your email ( and phone number, if you want) I don’t give out my phone # to many people, but email is fine) Put a couple or 3 pictures of your jewelry on the flyer and then start handing it out – add some “catchy phrasing” “Great gifts!” “Whose birthday/anniversary is it next?” Things like that…… and then just start asking and giving a flyer whereever you shop, eat, talk to anyone!:) you would be surprised just who might be interested. Don’t let a “no” stop you; every no is just one step closer to a YES!!!!
    Offer the host/hostess a gift ( or % of sales)(gift is better) or some sort of compensation……
    Make parties short and sweet, remembering your host/hostess has to set it all up etc. Offer to help with mailing email invites, and/or give 1/2 sheets with the date, time, place etc. The less the host/hostess has to do, the better. Also, when you make a sale, put a flyer in the purchasers bag, and ask if they would like to host a party next. It works!! Got phone numbers and More importantly , get emails; followup with a thank you email, and ask when they might like to have a party :). If you make new jewelry, email your customers with a picture; great way to promote your jewelry. I have my EXCLUSIVE EMAIL list, and only previous customers are on it! They get first crack at anything I make, and they LOVE it!! Makes everyone special!
    If you do shows, have the flyers at your shows and put one in everyone’s bag when they make a purchase. always have your name and contact information on it! Everything should have this information on it.
    I started my Wine & Jewelry parties this way, and although it took awhile, it’s great fun Now, and I even have repeat host/hostesses who want to “have a little party” and I schedule about 3-4 months out! Good Luck! You can do it!

  6. Thank you so much everyone for you input. I do have a rewards program in a little brochure that i have handed out to a few people, but I think I will try to add some pictures of my items into and lead with the rewards part of it. I will have to also look up some of the local groups like girl scouts and such to see if anyone is interested. I live less then 5 miles away from a middle and a high school in my town, so maybe I can drop by and talk to the staff there as well.

    Everyone has inspired me to not give up even when the going gets tough.

  7. I’m going through the exact same thing! There are days when I get discouraged l, and other days I pick myself up and keep it moving! Family and friends can only help so much. I do have a website but I don’t have much traffic. It’s a good website, I get compliments on my jewelry, so I’m puzzled as to why it has not taken off yet. It’s hard to get friends to support me, I’m having the same issue on Facebook. Can you guys share some insight on your opinions what you think of my situation?
    Monica 🙂

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