Help – Handmade Earring Cards Warping in Humidity

by Janet.

Help - Handmade Earring Cards Warping in Humidity -  - Discussion on Jewelry Making Journal

I do outdoor events, and I am having troubles with my handmade earring cards warping due to humidity and / or rain.

I even tried covering the backs with 2″clear tape and they still warped.

Any suggestions? I like a 2″x4″ card that I transcribe info onto.



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  1. Janet, have you tried covering both sides of the card with packing tape? There’s a discussion about it here: Cheap Lamination – you might find it helpful. 🙂

    Another idea – I used to live in a very humid, rainy, misty climate. For damp outdoor shows there, I often kept my jewelry (and their cards) in ziplock jewelry baggies, or in this type of Jewelry Travel Organizer. Customers there understood that things had to be protected from the dampness, and I encouraged folks to remove jewelry that interested them from the baggie or the travel organizer.

  2. Nicole Green says:

    I laminate them, too.

  3. Thanks, Rena. I have tried the packing tape lamination and they still warped although not as bad. I am going to slip some of the new jewelry into zip locks and see how that looks. Never thought of that! Thanks, Janet

  4. Sandy Mills says:

    I also use custom ear cards. Each pair is slipped into an appropriately sized zip lock and I get the self stick plastic ear card holders and attach them to the zip lock. They then hang protected from my display racks. This also protects my copper pieces from oxidizing too soon in case the customer wants bright shiny copper and allows my earrings to stay nice and clean on dusty days.

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