February Funk

by Kathi.
(Michigan USA)

February is always a difficult month for me. I live in Michigan and seem get stuck inside a lot due to the weather and I seem to end up in a February Funk.

kathi February Funk

In order to battle this I tried to think of things to get me through til spring. I don’t feel like making jewelry so I started making an “inspiration board.” I go through my magazines, books, etc and start looking for designs, color combinations, styles, and stones that I like and post them on a large poster board.

I jot down notes and post them. I find that by the time I finish the board, spring is around the corner and I have all kinds of new ideas and inspiration that I can’t wait to get started!

My Beading Heart

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  1. I get revved up with ideas when I get my monthly Jewelry Artist magazine. And I always have a pad and pencil nearby to sketch those fleeting visions of new jewelry pieces. Even beside my bed.

  2. I have something similar, I did a few months back, I put some pics from magazines and google images of different type of jewelry and some fantasy pictures, I’ve purchase.. I’m planning on doing another one soon.

  3. I love doing searches on Etsy and following up with favorites posted by shop owners whose items inspire me. I often find that they “favorite” items that lead me down paths I also like but may not have found on my own. I don’t have a shop on Artfire, but I am always amazed at how beautiful that site is and just loaded with very talented artists. I really can’t understand why sales seem low on that site compared to Etsy, but the photos and shops are sooo fun to look through.

    Another place to spend leisure time is in the articles/tutorial/tips sections in jewelry suppliers websites. Rio Grande, Cool Tools, Contenti, lots of good info out there!

  4. Casandra says:

    I am in Michigan also. Yes, this season is Cold and drab, almost depressing. I have hardly created anything in February! I pray March is better! Thanks for the tips and inspiration.

  5. I find that the ” meditative”, ” musing”,half awake, period after waking in the morning but before getting out of bed is a highly creative time. This has been shown by science. We get super ideas at this time but it is IMPERATIVE to jot them down in your idea or sketch book because you WILL forget them! ( though you think you won’t). It’s great to go back after time has passed and find these little creative ” gems” of ours.

  6. So many great ideas here, and thanks so much to Kathi for starting this conversation!

    If it helps, here are two additional posts with ideas for getting re-inspired after going through a rough patch:
    Help Me Find My Jewelry Mojo, and
    How to Regain Your Drive for Your Craft After a Loss?.

  7. Thank you for sharing! This is very timely, I was just thinking I should do this myself to keep my inspiration going 🙂

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