Art Nouveau Inspired Theodora Necklace

by Kristine Schroeder.
(Saint Germain, Wisconsin USA)

©Kristine Schroeder, "Theodora", 20" necklace in sterling silver and garnet

©Kristine Schroeder, “Theodora”, 20″ necklace in sterling silver and garnet

I’ve been intrigued with two things lately: a) my great-great aunt Teddy, who lived 100 years ago and died young, and b) what happens when Nature reclaims the man-made. While these two things are not really related to each other, I did manage to combine them in the Art Nouveau influenced Theodora Necklace.

Using lots of sterling silver wire, I set a garnet cabochon in a harness, then mounted the harness to a tall, thin “Dear John”-style sculpted frame. With fine-gauge sterling silver wire, I began making “beaded ribbon”, sculpting it organically as I worked. The beaded ribbon appears to burst through one of the sculpted corner curls on the frame, and it actually winds all the way around the chain above the frame.

Detail view of Theodora Necklace pendant, ©Kristine Schroeder

Detail view of Theodora Necklace pendant, ©Kristine Schroeder

The hook-and-eye clasp is hand-sculpted in sterling silver wire as well, designed to blend with the pendant design.

I created this necklace without solder, castings, glue, or torch. It was all done with weaving and cold connection.

Kristine Schroeder
Kristine Schroeder Studio

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