For the Love of Jewelry

by Marcus Osbourne.
(Birmingham UK)

For the Love of Jewelry by Marcus Osbourne  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

My background is in lost wax casting of precious metals, particularly platinum.

But having to adapt various customers’ waxes along the way I found a passion for wax carving.

I now create bespoke wax jewellery models for customers at special request and enjoy turning there ideas into reality.

This ring was obviously inspired by Egypt’s famous pyramids and took weeks of research plus going back and forth with the customer to bring together the idea they had with my creative mind.

This resulted in a piece I’m truly proud of and a very happy customer.

Marcus Osbourne
My Bespoke Jewellery

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  • Marcus, you have created an incredible and fascinating piece. It looks like you have found the right niche for creating one of a kind pieces of jewelry.

  • Mary Anne says:

    Sophisticated, fabulous, and truly one of a kind unique ultra high end ring! Glad you found such an incredible niche within the jewelry design world.

  • Alysen says:

    Awesome work and an Edgy piece!

  • Marcus Osbourne says:

    Thank you very much for your kind words Rena. Hopefully more to come in the near future

  • Wow, nice work!

  • Rita says:

    Marcus, you my friend, are a true artist! This inspired piece sings to my heart of olden Egyptian days. Thank you for sharing! You have every right to be proud, and your client will be happy to show this masterpiece off.

  • Elisha says:

    Marcus is amazing at what he does, he clearly has a passion for it and has created lovely pieces. He has made me two unique pieces for me and I love them 💜

  • Angela K. says:

    Marcus, that is just gorgeous!

  • Marcus Osbourne says:

    Your too kind, thank you very much for your lovely comment.

  • Marcus Osbourne says:

    Thanks a lot Elisha for your kind comments. It’s really nice to know that your happy with the work I have done for you.

  • Marcus Osbourne says:

    👍🏾🙏🏾 Thanks

  • Marcus Osbourne says:

    Thank you very much Rita, your kind words make what I try to do worth it even more. Thanks again🙏🏾

  • Marcus Osbourne says:

    Your too kind🙏🏾

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