Earring Display with Polymer Clay and Wire

by Carola.
(Upstate NY)

Eye catching earring display made from artistically curved wires in a polymer clay base

I had my first show and didn’t like the way I displayed my earrings with these flimsy little cards, and the self made rack that kept on falling over.

This is what I came up with instead, and I am very happy with the way it turned out.

For the base I used scrap clay that I always have lying around. I covered it with a nice sheet of clay.

I went to the nearest Home Depot and got myself some very sturdy wire, still soft enough to bend though. I bent it into shape, and stuck them into the clay, baked it (for the clay to harden) – and it was ready to go.

It fits 24 pair of earrings.

Carola G.
Crafts by CAG on Etsy
Polymer Clay Shed blog


Artistic earring display
by: Rena

What a fantastic way to use your wire and polymer clay skills, making your own display.

It’s a beautiful way to show earrings, and the lovely curving wires give it a graceful air.

I love your handmade, artistic solution for displaying earrings!

Very Creative
by: Marcia

I love the idea. I would have never thought about making this. I would have just looked around until I found something similiar. This is great thanks for sharing and keep the creative ideas coming.

Great thinking
by: Angela

Wow you could expand this idea for other jewlery pieces as well…

by: Terri wlaschin

You could market these. what a great idea!

by: Carola

I did expand the idea and made one for necklaces 🙂

Very Clever
by: Selby Girl

Very Clever idea! And looks good too! Thanks for sharing.

by: Janine G.

Awesome-you could totally sell them on etsy. Did you bake the whole thing in the oven? It fit?

Great display idea!
by: Jill Palumbo

I’m happy to have found your site, what a wonderful resource!

by: Rena

Welcome, Jill! So glad you’ve found us!

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  1. Shelley says:

    That is such an awesome idea and so nicely made!!! I don’t do shows anymore, but would love to make something like this just to hang some pretty beaded jewels of my own on. I’m definitely going to have to make something like this. Thanks so much for the wonderful inspiration!!!

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