Collecting Sea Glass

by Lin Schneider.
(Odyssey Sea Glass)

Sea glass collection in jars

Sea glass collection in jars

Sea glass has become popular the world over recently. There’s just something so soothing and so appealing about finding a beautiful frosty piece of glass on the beach.


For many, sea glass brings back fond memories of trips to the beach as a child; for others, it’s their recuperating time or time for recharging their batteries and they pick up sea glass as they go. For others, it’s their hobby, their work, their world.


Collecting Sea Glass – The Collector

As far as collecting sea glass, we can divide people into two categories.

    1. In the first category are the casual collectors:This includes folks who love to go to the beach to relax or have fun.Part of the fun might be collecting sea glass, and it really is a wonderful pastime for individuals or families.

      They’re the ones that if they find sea glass will probably put it in a jar at home on the window sill along with the sea shells, bits of stones, et cetera.

      For the casual collector, sea glass is not the reason they go to the beach. They are not to be confused with the second category of sea glass collectors.

  1. In the second category are the serious collectors:They are the ones whose sole purpose in going to the beach is to be collecting sea glass.Forget the tan, forget the jet skis, forget the sightseeing; they want one thing and one thing only and that’s finding sea glass.

    Beware: Some folks have gone from the casual collector to a real enthusiast in just one or two experiences at the beach.

    It’s addicting, so be prepared!

    Serious collectors try to learn all they can about the glass itself.

      • They want to learn about the different qualities and colors of sea glass.
      • They want to learn about what goes into a beach to make it a good possibility for finding sea glass.
    • And they love to talk about sea glass and their finds.

    Which are you?

Collecting Sea Glass for Sea Glass Jewelry

Some folks just itch to make jewelry with sea glass.

Usually, folks want to use the jewelry quality grade of sea glass specifically for making sea glass jewelry.

Sea glass can be used with a lot of different jewelry techniques. I’ve used it in:

  • Freestyle wire wrapping
  • Silversmithing
  • PMC (Precious Metal Clay) as well as
  • Drilling the sea glass to be used in jewelry.
Sea glass jewelry techniques by Lin Schneider

Sea glass jewelry techniques by Lin Schneider

The designs can be as diversified as the people who make the sea glass jewelry and the desire of ones who wear it.

Collecting Sea Glass for Sea Glass Art

I’d have to say that there are a lot more folks who would rather use their sea glass in craft or art projects than in jewelry; a lot seem to be intimidated by the jewelry making process.

That being said, we’ve had a lot of folks come up with very creative ideas who have shared them with us.

Here’s my personal opinion, though – just be sure to use your craft grade sea glass for sea glass art and not those rare pieces of red, yellow, or orange!

Sea Glass Arts and Crafts

Some of the more popular projects for sea glass arts and crafts are:

  • Making mosaic window hangings
  • Sea glass frames
  • Wind chimes with bits of sea glass, driftwood, and other found items from the beach. Some have done sea glass stepping stones for their gardens.

Others have used their sea glass for wine charms or for decorating handmade cards.

From sea glass collector to sea glass jewelry design or arts and crafts projects, sea glass is a fascinating world.

Wanna join us?

Lin Schneider
Odyssey Sea Glass Jewelry
Odyssey Sea Glass


Collecting Sea Glass
by: Rena

I hadn’t thought about the two types of collectors before – I’m definitely the casual collector type.

The most pieces of sea glass I’ve ever found in one spot was at Lake Erie. Although a couple of the pieces we found there were big enough to wire-wrap, most of them were pretty small. We found mainly the green and white varieties there, and a few amber and cobalt pieces.

It’s fun to find these pretty jewels among the sand and pebbles!

collecting sea glass
by: Diane

i would be a casual sea glass collector but have found over the past few years that there is none to collect. people recycle glass, drink bottles are plastic and teh winter storms no longer bring it up to our beaches here in New Zealand.
this is a shame as i remember collecting lots when i was a child.

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  1. The best place to fine sea glass is to go to the beach area that the kids hang out at , there will be generations of accumulated glass of mostly beer and liquor bottles.

  2. Lisa Sessions says:

    Hi! I just started looking for sea glass and I am definitely a serious collector, I go to beaches to just look for sea glass. I have only found the craft grade B I think but I have been making pendants with them and I think they look nice and so do my friends. Here in Florida I have only found a few green and brown, I wish I could find the other colors. I haven’t found a lot either, out of 5 beaches I have found about 56 pieces, some too small for anything and some not very frosted but I love looking and making the jewelry, I am hooked!

  3. Sandra Heppenstall says:

    I love collecting sea glass,pebbles and pieces of Jet.We go to Whitby at the weekend and my favourite thing is to stroll along the beach searching for what the tide brought in. I display my “treasures” in my conservatory,it reminds me of sea and sunshine in the dark winter months.

  4. That sounds so lovely, Sandra!

  5. Meryl says:

    Is it a sin to “make” your own sea glass by tumbling?

  6. Meryl, thanks for asking! No, it isn’t. 🙂 But if you’re selling the jewelry you create, you should specify to your customers which type of sea glass is in the jewelry item – tumbled mechanically, or tumbled by a body of water.

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