Brooch Display

by Jane.
(Mamie Jane’s)

Brooch display created from two balls of crochet thread

This clever brooch display was created by Jane Edwards, when she needed a way to display her brooch collection.

The bottom of an old oil can became the base of the brooch stand

She repurposes things she finds at flea markets and antique malls and has an eye for creating artistic, shabby-chic treasures from her stash.

For this project she had two balls of crochet thread that were perfect for sticking the brooches into.

An antique wooden spool became the spindle to hold the balls of thread

And to create a stand for them, she applied white paint to the base of an old oil can and added an antique wooden spool to hold the thread rolls.

The finished display – ready for a collection of brooches or pins

See Jane’s complete brooch display tutorial on her blog.

Thanks so much for sharing your lovely jewelry display idea with us, Jane!

Mamie Jane’s



Shabby Chic Brooch Display
by: Rena

I love the vintage homey-ness of this display, contrasting with the glittery brooches. Very charming, and it makes a lovely neutral backdrop for the jewels!

Great Jewelry Display Vintage Flea Market Ideas
by: Melinda Jernigan

Love this idea for re purposed vintage/flea market finds. The texture of the yarn and wooden spool are beautiful together. Great idea. Melinda Jernigan of MP Designs Jewelry http://mpdesignsjewelry

Great Idea!
by: Joan

I love this display idea – it would be perfect for the type of booth display I use at craft shows!

Brooch holder
by: Anonymous

Very clever! Love it!

love it
by: Roli

I love d idea

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  1. Mary Anne Enriquez says:

    Absolutely wonderful!

  2. pauline says:

    Very cool! It amazes me what craft minded people come up with. I have a friend that does a lot of knitting and she’s always commenting on MY ideas. I tell her, “I just break all the rules!”

  3. Mary W. says:

    Awesomely clever!

  4. You did a great job.

  5. Fantastically creative! I, too, love creating “outside the box”, but sometimes the ideas get slow in coming to the ol’ brain. 😀 Little shots of this kind of “eye candy” get the juices flowing again! Thanks, Jane AND Rena, for sharing!

  6. Thanks for sharing this great tip. What a difference it makes with the vintage pins!

  7. Kathy Spiers says:

    I love our creativity!! I think I could use something very similar for earring display!

  8. May Olson says:

    I have quite a few brooches and this idea is just super.I crochet so I have plenty of thread around! Love this… and the idea of repurposing…

  9. I love this display idea, it fits perfectly with the “feel” of these brooches. When I was young, these spools of crochet thread, which I believe was used for tatting, were commonplace in so many homes. These brooches are from a time when needlecraft was much more commonplace, and the display will surely be a fond reminder to many of a “certain” age! Love it!

  10. Marilyn says:

    Love this, it would be great to hang earrings on as well.

  11. Pamela Maring says:

    Great idea… that wooden spindle, however, is something I’ve never seen. And, do you weight the base? I was thinking that to fill the oil can with sand might make it even more stable.

  12. Fabulous idea! Thank you for sharing!

  13. Jane Petersen says:

    This is sooooooooo cute and very clever. If I ever find an old oil can and a very long thread spool, I might just steal this idea!

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