Wooden Bracelet Display by Baker’s Bracelets, Etc.

by Ali Baker.

Painted wood, with brads arranged to hang bracelets on

Closeup of bracelet display board

Using a piece of wood, measuring 15 x 15 inches, I painted it white and nailed tiny steel brads into a pattern.

Here are 2 pictures. I do love the idea of using the glass frames to let light show off the colors of the glass & crystal…my next project!

Ali Baker


Nice bracelet display idea
by: Rena

This looks like a very do-able project, and I like the nice detail of the wood’s beveled edges.

A great bracelet display that makes it easy for customers to remove a bracelet and try it on. Also perfect for loading up with your jewelry at home before the show to make your booth setup faster.

Thank you for sharing your inspiration with us, Ali!

Nice, Clean, Neat
by: Marcia

I love your display. The bracelets do not look jumbled together. And it looks really easy for the customers to take off and put back. Not only will I incorporate this in my own shows, but I am going to try this also for my daughters bedroom. Thanks for sharing.

Cool idea
by: Rena

Marcia, great idea to make one for your daughter’s jewelry organizer! I bet she’ll love it. What color of paint do you think she’ll choose?

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