Wire Wrapped Floral Pendants

by Mei Tan.

Here are two wire wrapped floral pendants I completed recently. Petals are shaped with marker pen or pen mandrel.

The two ends are only shaped half round as they will be wrapped together to form one petal. Beads and gemstones are added once the flower shape is formed.

There are more pictures on my blog.

Mei Tan
Wire Bliss on etsy
Wire Bliss on artfire



Lovely Flowers
by: Rena

So pretty, and what a neat idea. I love the way you turned the wire ends at the top into graceful spirals. Your wirework is always so neat and even, and your projects so stunning!

by: Abigail

it really is neat, well done!

very pretty
by: Lisa-M and J Silver Creations

This is very pretty. You are creative to come up with such a pretty piece of jewelry. keep up the good work.

by: Cory

I love these, so cute and great wire wrapping!

by: Mei Tan

Thank you guys for your sweet comments 🙂

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