Wrapped with love

by Dita Basu.
(Walnut Creek, California, USA)

I was studying about the healing qualities of gem stones lately. I came to know about turquoise that helps in communication – as if, turquoise helps the shy person speak up…

There were some lapis also on my tray and I came to know that lapis gives awareness, makes the wearer wise. I chose some silver-grey fresh water pearls. I knew pearl is for love.

Somehow the stones spoke to me. To me it felt that it would be perfect for a shy girl who has just found love. May it give her luck and courage and make it work.

With these thoughts I started wrapping silver wire to attach them all and created this piece.

Dita Basu

Alankarshilpa jewelry blog



Lovely design with a meaning
by: Rena


I love jewelry that’s created with a secret meaning. And somehow pieces that come into being this way always seem to have a “rightness” to their design.

The colors, the design, the language of the stones, the wirework, and the artist’s intuition have come together beautifully here.

I think the tranquil blue color scheme will also have a soothing, calming effect for the shy girl who wears it.

A wonderful design, Dita!

Taking Pictures
by: Helen

Hiya Dita. Thanks for your article. Because of it I’ve got a new picture idea. I saw you photographed your necklace on some quilt batt. It gives the right amount of background depth. It sure beats white or grey or black paper or fabric backgrounds. And it doesn’t show pin marks.
Again, my thanks. ……helen

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