Sun Worshiper Talisman & Pendants

by Virginia Vivier.
(Sunny Tucson, Arizona)

Petroglyph Southwest Rock Art Sun Design - Kiln Fired Fine Silver

Petroglyph Southwest Rock Art Sun Design – Kiln Fired Fine Silver

I grew up in California and have been a Sun Worshiper all my life. I am fascinated by ancient Folklore stories about mythical Gods capturing the Sun. Here are a few of my “Del Sol” series pendants and talismans.

Native American Sun Turtle

Native American Sun Turtle – Kiln Fired Fine Silver

The designs are first drawn in black and white, then made into a rubber stamp. I stamped the design into bronze, copper, or silver precious metal clay. As soon as the clay dries, I fire it in a small jewelry kiln. Voila! Drill a hole in the top, attach a bail, and polish for an hour in a rotary drum. Easy to make, gorgeous to wear!

Apollo's Chariot Capturing the Sun

Apollo Chariot Capturing the Sun – Kiln Fired Fine Silver

Sun Pendant

Del Sol – Luna Talisman – Kiln Fired Fine Silver


Warmly from hot, and very sunny Tucson, Arizona

Virginia Vivier
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  • Your designs are spectacular, Virginia… and enduring in appeal. I am certain no culture is without its art commemorating the life-giving sun!

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