Starting My Earring Jewelry Business!

by Pascha Lee.
(Texas, USA)

Hello, everyone on JMJ! Just wanted to first say you all are truly beautiful. I have been following everyone on here for a while now and you all are awesome.

These were tarnished,disks tha I spray-painted in gold. Then I added Gold beads to them. I made a silver pair as well.

Do you have have any advice for myself in starting my earring jewelry business?

I’ve finally decided to sell my earrings. For a long time I was afraid because I didn’t want to part with them because they were like my babies.

My husband insisted that since I love to make earrings so much, I should go into business selling them. I was skeptical and scared. I need to formulate a business plan. I figured who better than the jewelry artists at JMJ to turn to for earring business tips!

I had mentioned in another post, that I like to tear necklaces and bracelets apart and turn them into earrings.This is something that I love to do with a “passion”!!

I also love to take old pieces of tarnished, rusted jewelry and spray paint them to give them a new look. My favorite beads to work with are wood, shell, and pearls.

To be honest, my main fear is that someone on youtube or any other social site may bad mouth me because they didn’t like my jewelry. That’s scary to me, but yet when I’m out in public, I get stopped about my earrings.

These pearls and beads was a necklace I took apart. By now you can tell I’m a major earring “junkie” 🙂

I’m gonna do it…but not without trembling legs!!! So any business advice would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you so much everyone and keep making your beautiful jewelry with all the success that comes to each and every one of you!

These link were so rusty that I almost used a whole can of silver spray paint to get them this color. I spray painted the beads as well before I added them

This was a necklace I took apart and turned into earrings.

P.S.   I’m so very nervous! I have posted on JMJ journal before.
Meanwhile, here is more work of what I love to do. I’m not selling any of these posted above but you get the idea:)

Pascha Lee

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  • Pascha Lee says:

    Alicia, thank you so much for posting this! I can’t to hear from all the wonderful pros here on JMJ!

  • Elena Arreni says:

    Hi Pascha!I love making earrings and yours are very nice, I’m sure that you will sell very well, I’m glad that your husband finally convinced you to sell your creations.
    I’m very well aware of how hard it is to let your “babies” go but you should also think how happy your customers will be wearing your creations!= walking advertising (and for free too)
    As for people who might bad mouth your work, don’t bother too much, it will only make you nervous, life is already stressful enough… you get stopped in public for your earrings so just focus on creating beautiful pieces and satisfy your customers, in this way when asked about their earrings the answer will be an entusiastic “I’ve bought them from Pascha!” There’s no better add!
    I strongly recommend to always bring a bunch of business cards with your contacts with you, so when someone says “what a nice earrings you hawe!” you’ll answer “thanks, I’ve made them, her take my card”
    Now, if you survived my rigmarole, I wish you best luck with your business!!
    Love, Ele.

  • Pascha Lee says:

    Elena,thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words. Yes, life is stressful enough and that added pressure of criticism is one obstacle I don’t need to let hinder or deter me from doing what I love. Still ,easier said than done but you are so right! I really appreciate your advice. I would love to see some of your beautiful work as well!

  • Hi Pascha!
    I just started my earring business in February & I do reviews on youtube all the time. When your an artist people will have their opinions. Don’t let that hold you back though because in all honesty you should expect that not EVERYONE will be fans being that beauty is in the eye of the beholder! Once you accept that even if some1 does say something negative you can just brush it off.. YouTube can be very mean sometimes your right but as long as you love what you do the beauty of that will show in your work & also will attract customers 🙂 I wish you all the luck! Just get out there & GO!!! 🙂

  • Elena Arreni says:

    Hi Pascha,

    I know that’s easier said than done but letting bad reviews holding you down will lead you nowhere (and by the way you are not even sure you’ll have negative comments),there are always better jeweler, prettier designs and smarter ideas but this should induce you to improve your designs to do always better.

    I make jewelry, I’ve never made a review positive or not, but I think that people commenting various things on youtube & co. prefer to do positive reviews than spending their time criticizing this and that, I don’t find it very useful nor fun. How bad can a jewelry review be? You can criticize crystals/stones/wire quality that it’s pricey or saying that the piece is not well executed but that’s all, you can’t say that it is ugly because it’s too personal, maybe I love-love-love a design and my best friend would never ever wear it, how can one person say that it is totally a “no-no”???

    If you make your pieces with care using good quality components you have nothing to be afraid of! For 1 bad review maybe you’ll have 10 positive ones, so carry on doing what you love and don’t stop if you see that sales are not as high as you expected, sometimes you sell like crazy other times not…

    Good luck to you!

    P.S.: I posted some of my pieces on Rena’s former blog or you can see some on facebook (I don’t have an on-line shop jet)
    and please, if you don’t like them don’t make me a negative review on youtube 😉 😉

  • Pascha Lee says:

    Elana and Autumn, thanks beautiful ladies! I’m gonna do what I love and keep it moving…just that simple. You two are so right..I should’ve know better. You can’t please everyone ..that’s life period. Besides, as much as I love earrings, if they never sell, I’ll just wear them proudly because I know the time and love I put into making them for I refuse to create earrings that I wouldn’t wear. That way , I wouldn’t be stuck with a creation that would just be lying around my house unworn. Wow, thank -you so much ladies!!! I can’t believe how naive I was thinking. I truly appreciate it.

  • Jeff W says:

    Your earrings are beautiful! Don’t worry about what Youtubers say.
    I have a friend who makes furniture by hand. He had the same mindset regarding selling his creations. Then he realized he could sell them and keep them, too. He takes a few pictures of the furniture at different angles and keeps those pics in an album. So he always has them even though they are physically gone. Hope this helps.

  • Christa says:

    Your earrings are beautiful! Just follow your passion and don’t let anybody discourage you.

  • Greetings, Pascha.

    This is something I find very helpful:

    “It’s none of my business what people think of me.” Your business is to share your unique works with those who appreciate them. Be sure not to sell yourself short; Rena has good advice on pricing. You could also try a “granny brag bag” tote; you can insert your earrings in the photo slots and sell them as you run your errands. Best of Luck!

  • Donna Davis says:

    Pasha I love your earrings, esp the animal beads. Keep a positive attitude and share your talent with those that enjoy your work. I am just starting out myself and like you I have knocking knees too. But I am nearing retirement age so I want the extra income. Sooo I am saying a prayer, crossing my fingers and jumping in there. I wish you much luck and success.

  • Leslie says:

    You go girl! Your earrings are very beautiful and current. For the ones you spray with metallic paint, are you sealing them with a clear coat afterwards like Krylon acrylic spray? Just wondered if that would help keep the metallic paint set and not wear. Any thoughts from others on this?

  • Pascha, you have such bold, wonderful designs – and a talent for seeing how to turn a rusted or boring item into jewelry with pizzazz.

    I don’t think you’ll have any trouble drawing in business from the loads of people who LOVE bold, stylish earrings. And as an “earring junkie” yourself, you completely understand and identify with their passion.

    I think you can easily build repeat customers. Then as they wear their Pascha creations, people will remark about those fab earrings – and more earring fans will find their way to you.

    Once you’ve built a list of customers, you might want to contact them 3 or 4 times a year with a special “earring event”. Make it fun, and a little different each time – but always something that earring devotees won’t be able to resist! (As an earring lover yourself, what would you find exciting about another jewelry artist’s “earring event”? Then go from there.)

    Also be sure to let people know about your “jewelry makeover” service (and that you can re-make a lone earring into a new piece of jewelry).

    For some other considerations, have you seen my post on Specializing in Just Earrings?

    And when it comes to mean or negative feedback – remember that it often comes from people who are afraid to follow their own dreams, so they try to tear down the dreams of others. It can still hurt, especially when it’s directed at the things we’ve created – but it helps to be able to put it into that perspective.

    Keep a file of people’s enthusiastic comments and heartfelt praise about your jewelry and your business. Then, if you ever hear negative feedback, go through your file of lovely, supportive messages – I guarantee you’ll feel better and regain your perspective immediately! 🙂

    Wishing you every success, Pascha – please keep us posted! 🙂

  • Pascha Lee says:

    Thank you all so much for the wonderful and helpful tips. I will incorporate a little bit of each of your advice into my business plan and hope for the best! You guys here at JMJ “Rock”!!!

  • Pascha, I didn’t read all the posts, so this may have been said, but I will say it anyway (hehehe). If you have the chance when you sell directly to someone that you tell them just how you made the earrings, as this is very exciting and interesting and I am sure whoever buys from you will be most happy to have this information. I think this is such a wonderful idea and I know you will have much sucess, as this is really a unique idea (tho, I’m sure others are doing the same, but more than likely not exactly the way you put together your earrings). Hug your husband for telling you to start your business. I have been making and selling jewelry for over 36 years (I don’t specialize in any particular thing, tho, right at this time, I am only making long necklaces) and I love it. Best of luck to you, I know you will do well.


  • pascha says:

    Charlotte Smith, Thank you so much for your kind words! I would love to see pics of your long necklaces. I know they are beautiful!


  • cora says:

    Hi Pasha. I can identify with your hesitation in starting your business. I couldn’t care less about being bad mouthed on Youtube. What I’m afraid of is not being able to create what I imagine! I’m waiting until I have mastered my designs before selling them. I am working toward perfection (or a close proximity). I love the earrings in your pics. The only way to do it is to DO IT.
    I wish you all the best.

  • Pascha says:

    Thank you so much Cora. I would love to see your beautiful creations!

  • Tangela H. Beard says:

    Hello. You and I have a lot in common. I transform necklaces into bracelets. I don’t like to wear too much around my neck, so I took all of my necklaces and made bracelets out of all of them. I really enjoy doing it as well.

    I haven’t made my mind up yet. As far as selling them. But, it is my dream to have my own jewelry line, ONE DAY. That’s been a dream of mine since April.
    I like your work. Your earrings are mysterious. They seem to send out a vibe of mystery. And I like that. Keep up the good work. 🙂

  • Tangela H. Beard says:

    @ Cora….. I feel the same way. I can imagine it….but the creation is sometimes hard for me too. I have a lot of bracelets made up. but i always feel that they are missing something. I’m a perfectionist too. And I want them to be right before I sell them. Good Luck 🙂

  • Pascha says:

    @Tangela, ( your name is so pretty!!) ..Thank you so much for your kind words. Don’t you love recycling? I want to learn to make bracelets as well. I would love to see your beautiful work..Please share!!

  • Joybele says:

    Awesome pieces! I encourage you to stay positive because at the end of the day you cannot please everyone and the reality is there will always be positives and negatives in life. Hang tough! You are not alone, trust me… I love making jewelry and recently began doing the re-selling piece and love choosing those pieces also. Am I making a living? NO! But, I do not see me stopping anytime soon.

  • Mary says:

    Just wanted to say, Pascha, your earrings are beautiful and I absolutely love that last set with the animal print beads!

  • MaElena Rodriguez says:

    Dearest Pascha: Kudos to you!! Don’t be afraid! Your line is beautiful, original and bold. It is YOUR line. You are about to embark on a beautiful journey that could last a lifetime, where you will enjoy the favorable comments, feel good about yourself and the talent that has been given you, make some money in the process, and here’s some advice. Take pics of each style you make, if possible, of everything you make, then pick the best ones and start a portfolio. After you have made many, you will be amazed how easily you can forget the different designs and therefore a portfolio serves as a reminder and also something to show customers. Also, always carry your pliers with you. If someone really likes your product but just isn’t into very large earrings, you can modify them on the spot and not loose a sale, AND, it gives you versatility and people talk about that and the possibilities available to them with your particular line. I have been making jewelry professionally 32 years but actually started when I was eight years old. It has been such a blessing to me in so many different ways. As time goes by you will enjoy this more and more, and more designs will come your way. Get ready for this trip, you are going to enjoy it tremendously. AND remember, you are your OWN boss, so no one can give you any “lip”! Best to you in this journey. Let me know if I can help!

  • Consuelo says:

    Hi Pascha,
    Please don’t be afraid. Your earring creations are beautiful. We have been making our jewelry for about 6 years and most people only have good things and encouragement to say, and at this point, that’s the only comments I choose to take to heart. This site is the perfect place to go to and share your ideas or concerns. Your husband is right! Go for it now. Don’t let fear stop you. There is so much info out online about running a jewelry business, but to me this site is one of best. I can’t wait for the next newsletter from Rena to come out. I spent a lot of time going to one post to another. Every post has some nugget of advice or tip to help guide your jewelry business to success. Good luck!

  • pamela says:

    HI there i think that your designs are truly nice but there is much to consider first off what kind of public are you trying to attract and will it only be earings to be sold? Yes ladies love earing but they might also love a good bracelet to go with it, right? well if you want to start a business try expanding some more instead of just making earing also make bracelets and necklaces. You already have the skill. Also make a facebook page where you can show all of your work if it goes well graduate unto making your own website. You can also try making pop ups at your home invite all your friends so they can see what you’ve been working on. I love jewelry I love to make it and like you I also use old jewelry and make it unto something new. Other words of advice, try doing your own business cards so that people know where to reach you and make personal letters to give out to your customers saying that your jewelry will have a life time warranty and you can fix or replace the item if not happy. That will let the customer know that you are a trusted seller. If you have a spare bedroom why not turn into an office, because you will need office supplies. Like receipt book, envelopes all of that kinds of things as well as your lap top and you have to set up a paypal account for if anyone doing online purchases. You have to set up another business bank account, so you can know how much your are winning and loosing in profits. As well you need all the equipment that you will use for your jewelry when setting up when doing a showing. there’s a lot of things to consider it’s just not making earing and that’s all. well I am going to be starting a business soon and I wish you all the best because I do understand that we do is a passion and it makes us happy.

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