Starting My Earring Jewelry Business!

by Pascha Lee.
(Texas, USA)

Hello, everyone on JMJ! Just wanted to first say you all are truly beautiful. I have been following everyone on here for a while now and you all are awesome.

These were tarnished,disks tha I spray-painted in gold. Then I added Gold beads to them. I made a silver pair as well.

Do you have have any advice for myself in starting my earring jewelry business?

I’ve finally decided to sell my earrings. For a long time I was afraid because I didn’t want to part with them because they were like my babies.

My husband insisted that since I love to make earrings so much, I should go into business selling them. I was skeptical and scared. I need to formulate a business plan. I figured who better than the jewelry artists at JMJ to turn to for earring business tips!

I had mentioned in another post, that I like to tear necklaces and bracelets apart and turn them into earrings.This is something that I love to do with a “passion”!!

I also love to take old pieces of tarnished, rusted jewelry and spray paint them to give them a new look. My favorite beads to work with are wood, shell, and pearls.

To be honest, my main fear is that someone on youtube or any other social site may bad mouth me because they didn’t like my jewelry. That’s scary to me, but yet when I’m out in public, I get stopped about my earrings.

These pearls and beads was a necklace I took apart. By now you can tell I’m a major earring “junkie” 🙂

I’m gonna do it…but not without trembling legs!!! So any business advice would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you so much everyone and keep making your beautiful jewelry with all the success that comes to each and every one of you!

These link were so rusty that I almost used a whole can of silver spray paint to get them this color. I spray painted the beads as well before I added them

This was a necklace I took apart and turned into earrings.

P.S.   I’m so very nervous! I have posted on JMJ journal before.
Meanwhile, here is more work of what I love to do. I’m not selling any of these posted above but you get the idea:)

Pascha Lee

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