Question About Getting Business Cards with Photos of My Jewelry

by Dawn Carpino.
(Ruby, NY)

Question About Getting Business Cards with Photos of My Jewelry by Dawn Carpino  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

I am relatively new to jewelry making.

I have some of my jewelry at two shops on consignment. One won’t take anything with charms or pre-made things like keys. Another only takes my flower earrings.

I want to be able to make and sell what I want to make.

I want to make business cards using photos of my jewelry and have been to several websites but can’t find clear instructions and I’m confused.

Any suggestions?

I think you are wonderful for sharing all you do. I’m sharing a photo. I don’t have a website. As I mentioned new to all this.

Dawn Carpino
Endless Possibilities

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  • Hi Dawn! These are fabulous beadwork designs!
    Regarding your business cards, I have used,, and for uploading my own photos to created business cards.
    I’ve also used various graphic shops. The advantage to you for using an Etsy vendor who designs your cards and gets them printed up for you, is that you won’t have to worry about figuring out how to do them yourself. Simply communicate clearly about what you want for your card design, and work back and forth with the designer until you have the card design you love! šŸ™‚

  • Dawn Carpino says:

    Thank you for getting back to me.

  • Duane says:


    I’ve used VistaPrint many times. You can upload pics there. What I usually do is create my business card in Publisher or software like it and save the design as a JPG. That way I know everything will fit and look the way I want it to. If you have troubles, lookme up on facebook and send me a message. I’d be glad to help and walk you through it. Good Luck.


  • Fran says:

    You have embarked on an exciting voyage of personal and professional knowledge!

    First, I would suggest that you google photography tips for jewelry. There’s a lot of great info out there. A good photograph is a must to properly show off your jewelry. A bad photograph… well let’s just say that you want it to look as professional as possible.

    Second, part of being a jewelry designer is developing your computer skills. I’m from the generation of photoshop, but I’m sure there are many more easier to use programs out there to help you lay out a business card. Here is a link to one of my earlier business cards.

  • Margaret says:

    I like VistaPrint. I have found it easy to use.

  • I always use Zazzle for my business cards. It’s like getting them for free! I am a Zazzle Designer and earn commissions whenever anyone purchases an item with my design (clocks, apparel, skateboards, mugs, etc.) so I use the earned commission to buy my business cards! Even better, they have a sale on business cards about every 3 months $10 for 100 cards! The software provided to fit any business card size is easy to use! I used to us VisaPrint, but found Zazzle a much better value. Zazzle shop:

  • Debra Lowe says:

    Vista print for sure, they are super reasonable, & ship fast.
    I used them for my cards and had my Etsy shop avatar put on them…it’s super easy, anyone can navigate the site.

  • Tammy McVey says:

    I wanted the same thing so I designed my own cards through my Word program. The Word program helps you with easy placement of words and pictures.
    Make sure you use heavy card stock to print your cards on. And make sure you are taking good photos.
    If you need help email me.

  • Dawn Carpino says:

    Thank you everyone for your suggestions and offers of help. Everyone is so nice! I know that first I have to work on getting better photography of my jewelry. Wishing the Best to all of you. Dawn

  • Dawn, if you’re working on your photography, you may want to hop over to the Photographing Jewelry section of JMJ – you’ll find loads of tips and ideas! šŸ™‚


    I use Belltech Buisness Pro where you can design your own cards. It is very easy to use and I have had it for a couple of years now. If you want to check it out:

  • Karyn Vigil says:

    Don’t forget the value of a local, professional printing company. I have used the design services of Utah Media Group and had them print not only business cards, but custom jewelry cards. On a price per card basis they were very comparable to places like Vistaprint and I got to use their professional design services.

  • Dawn Carpino says:

    Thanks Rena. I will check it out.

  • Judith says:

    Three great things about Vistaprint: 1) low prices and frequent sales (sign up first and wait for a sale!), 2) great customer service who can help you through any problem and will even fix things for you, and 3) refund policy – if it doesn’t come out right they will redo it free of charge. I had one order redone twice! Good luck.

  • Moogie says:

    I recently educated myself on photographing my jewelry. I use my IPhone 7plus. I think the biggest improvement was made by buying a white box & using natural light. I also read about the editing features on my phone as well as a few editing programs. Iā€™m still practicing but my pics are really improved.
    Good luck with your new business!

  • Moogie, thank you for sharing your helpful photo tips! šŸ™‚

  • Dawn Carpino says:

    Hi Fran, Thanks for commenting. I saw your business card and I want to do something very similar. Did you use photoshop for it? I’m not very computer savvy and don’t know anything about photoshop but have heard the term. I went on youtube to try to learn about it but most of the tutorials are annoying with music playing or people just going on. Thanks again for being there. Dawn

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