How Can I Start a Jewelry Business When I Can’t Make Jewelry?

by Zaina.

How Can I Start a Jewelry Business When I Can't Make Jewelry?  - Discussion on Jewelry Making Journal

I am a recent MBA graduate from the finance industry. I graduated 7 months ago and have been applying for banking jobs but landing absolutely nothing.

I was always inclined to be a stylist and designer, but was pressured away towards a ‘stable and sure income’. Not so stable today.

I absolutely love buying and wearing jewelry as well as getting it designed. Most of my jewelry comes from me explaining to my jeweler what I want, and he makes it a reality.

I am renowned in family and friends for wearing great jewelry and often get asked where I got it from.

And now to the point – I’m 30, I’ve worked for several multi national banks and have had the (mis?!)fortune of not finding a job yet – which makes me think, do I want to turn 50 and still just SAY I could design my own jewelry?

Over the past 8 months, I could’ve tried and succeeded, or even failed, at least I would have tried and found out. So now I want to TRY!

My question is, how do I start about not knowing how to make jewelry?

I spoke to a very old alumni at my university (20 yrs in jewelry business) who advised me to have jewelry made and focus on brand and marketing.

And to be honest, almost a year out of school with a degree I spent over 150k on, I really cant afford to pay for any more classes.

I have been reading about social media marketing, Etsy, word of mouth, and really believe in having friends and other people market and model the jewelry.

But what do I start with? Just 20 or 50 pieces? Do I need to have a manufacturer have a mold ready in case orders come and customers need different sizes?

I am thinking of not getting a company registration till I hit at least 50 sales, would that be the right approach?

I am so scared of failure given that I’m already unemployed.


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