Organizing Jewelry Stringing Supplies

by Lisa Yang.
(Los Angeles, California, USA)

I have always stored my stringing materials in plastic zipper bags. Not the greatest system, but I didn’t know there was anything else to use! Recently, I discovered a thread rack that I can use to organize all of my bead stringing thread, macrame cord, spools of wire, elastic cord – you name it!

Using a thread rack to organize stringing materials and wire.

It works just great and keeps everything right in front of me. It also keeps the spools from unraveling in the bags which always made a big mess. I really love that I can hang it on the wall above the book case where I keep my beading supplies and also take it down when I am doing a project. The back has an easel to prop it up at your work area.

I hope you like my idea to use a sewing thread rack to store your bead stringing materials and wire spools. I think you can also use it hang hanks or strands of beads, but I’ll need to buy another one to try that!

Lisa Yang
Lisa Yang Jewelry
Nota Mona

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