Source of Donut Beads for Lariat Necklaces?

by Nora Freeman.

Source of Donut Beads for Lariat Necklaces?  - Discussion on Jewelry Making Journal

This is not about anything I’ve made. I love the lariat projects on this site but I have used up all the donut beads I have and can’t find any more with wide enough holes.

Anyone have any suggestions about where to get more donut beads for lariat necklaces?

Nora Freeman

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  • Hi Nora, try this:

    Decide how big of a hole you want in your donut beads (for example, 25mm), and then do an online search for “donut bead 25mm hole”. (Or whatever size you prefer for the donuts’ hole.)

  • Kim says: has a small collection. I buy donuts at the Tucson Gem and Mineral show but I have to search to find them. Also, do a search for pi stones.

  • Judith Durling says: has a lovely assortment of them.

  • I have found a lot of choices at also and they usually have a sale going on. I have also used Lima Beads and Dakota Stones.

  • Lexi says:

    Happy Mango Beads has the size donut beads you use in assorted colors. Happy beading!!!

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