List of Crystal Bead Manufacturers?

by Virginia Milner.

List of Crystal Bead Manufacturers?  - Discussion on Jewelry Making Journal

I was wondering if anyone has a list of crystal bead manufacturers. I’m familiar with Swarovski, of course, and Preciosa, but those are the only ones that I ever hear named.

I know there are others out there. Can anyone help me with that?

Virginia Milner

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  • Linda says:

    Have you tried they offer different types of crystal beads at varying prices.

  • Moogie says:

    Asfour is a beautiful leaded crystal. Fire Mountain carries a few beads & mostly pendants/drops/suncatchers. You can google to see who else might carry them. Then there are Chinese crystals but I think they might just be faceted glass—not sure. They are pretty, sparkly & I like them. You can find some at Auracrystals, Beadcorp & a few other shops. Hope this helps!

  • Elizabeth says:

    China produces some beautiful faceted beads. Whether or not there is a lead content to qualify as crystal, I don’t know. There are jewelry suppliers on Etsy that carry beads and charms from China. Check out BohemianFindings on Etsy.

  • Sharon says: in PHX, AZ

  • Judith says:

    There are Thunder Polish crystal beads sold by Beadcorp but they’re not very good IMHO. Nothing compares to Swarovski.

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