Red Paisley Flower Bangle Bracelet

by Lorraine.
(Delray Beach, Florida USA)


The outside of the bracelet is an abstract flower pattern in red/cranberry, pale yellow and brown. It is not painted!

The pattern was achieved using mokume gane, an ancient Japanese metalworking technique. Adapted to polymer clay, 12-16 layers of repeating clay colors are stamped. The top layer is then shaved smooth, revealing an interesting pattern of colors. The inside is textured dark brown clay.

I created the bangle using Karin Breukelman’s excellent tutorial, Bangle Bracelet Tutorial (

Wired Orchid


Sounds awesome
by: Leigh

looks like a great technique.

Awesome technique!
by: Joan

This bangle is beautiful and your workmanship is excellent! The colors are right up my alley too. 🙂
I visited your Etsy shop and if I may make a suggestion – that you consider raising your prices. I’ve worked in polymer clay and I know how labor intensive it is, especially a technique like mokume gane – you need to make sure you’re paying yourself for your time and talent!

by: Lorraine/Wired Orchid

Thanks for your comments Leigh and Joan!

Joan, thank you for your prices comment. I’m stuck in the ”what should I charge?” area. I agree that I need to demand a good price, but I also want to sell items. I think it’s a dilemma for everyone who makes hand made items.

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