Sands of Time

by Patricia Tyser Carberry.
(Prescott, Arizona USA)

Handmade lampwork necklace

Handmade lampwork necklace

This lampwork bead necklace is a departure from my usual work. I tend to prefer asymmetrical, free form designs, but I’ve really been enjoying using the left brain a bit more.

I recently purchased a bead shaper, and began playing with shapes. I really liked the different bicones.

I began with clear class, created the shape, the dipped it into reduction powder. Quickly waved the bead through the flame, and voila! Beautiful metallic sheen.

The pendant bead is made with a solid color base, and the topped with shards of many silver colors, as well as silver wire and mesh.

Patricia Tyser Carberry
Patricia Tyser Carberry artisan jewelry


Beautiful and Unique!
by: Rena

I love the color scheme in this piece – a strand of lovely, subtle shades echoed more intensely in the focal bead.

Thanks for sharing this gorgeous lampwork necklace, Patricia!

Like Spun Gold!
by: Rebecca Stone

Wow, Patricia:
What a wonderful piece. I was checking out your site and you really do some beautiful work. Makes me want to pick up a torch! Is it difficult to learn? How long have you been working with glass?Thanks for sharing.


Thanks, Becky
by: Patricia Carberry

I’ve been working in glass since the 70’s – beginning with stained glass for over 20 years. Then on to fused glass, and I’ve been making beads for about 10 years.
I really enjoy working with the flame – it is very immediate. Lately I’ve been experimenting with surface techniques, and hollow beads.

Beautiful work!
by: Paula Huckabay

Wow Patricia,

This necklace is just gorgeous! You are very talented and it shows in your work!

by: Terri Wlaschin

I am speechless. This necklace and your body of work just blows me away. Do you sell your lampwork. I love incorporating handmade glass into my jewelry.

Thanks so much!
by: Patricia Carberry

I really appreciate your comments.
I do make beads for sale, but lately I’ve been using them all oin my jewelry. Anything special you’d like to see?

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