Rare Earth Necklace

by Cherie Elksong.
(southeast Arizona)

Rare Earth Necklace by Cherie Elksong  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

This abstract art necklace started with a chunk of deep green, botryoidal malachite…we’d had it for a long time, but I think I remember it came from mining in Bisbee, AZ.

Rare Earth Necklace by Cherie Elksong  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

The mixed metal (sterling & copper) setting was created with the same organic, free form sort of flow, two pieces carefully fitted together.

Rare Earth Necklace by Cherie Elksong  - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Lots of hole-drilling & wire-wrapping later, it was ready to be simply & elegantly set up on black leather cord. Definitely a statement piece!

Cherie Elksong
Elksong Jewelry
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  • Maureen says:

    Cherie, this is absolutely stunning in both design and execution. I also checked out your website and was duly impressed with all your other work. The most amazing part of your site to me (as one who still identifies as an English major many decades after graduating) was the beautiful stories you weave for each of your creations. May you be as fulfilled and happy in your art as you have made me today.

  • Mary Anne Enriquez says:

    Wow, this is such an exquisite necklace. The photography is also excellent. What a fantastic mix of techniques, textures, and colors. Masterful work of art.

  • Cherie, a spectacular piece, beautifully photograph. The sterling setting combined with the malachite looks like melted ore flowing. The wire you added to the pendant for attaching to the necklace is nicely done and works well with the setting.

  • Deborah Lyle says:

    WOW how amazing!

  • Gorgeous piece! Love your perfection in cutting the sheets so accurately and the rustic feel the mixed metal and wire wrapping and the photography give it. Inspiring!

  • Michelle says:

    Cherie, This piece is gorgeous! I love the mix of techniques and the creative design. I agree with Maureen on your website. It is elegantly designed, easy to navigate and your photography is excellent. Good fortune to you!

  • Debra Lowe says:

    Cherie, this is beautiful, you showed the malachite off perfectly…I used to live in Sierra Vista and loved to rock hunt around Bisbee…a beautiful piece, LOVE it and wish you all the best!

  • Alysen says:

    My first thought was Wow! Second was wire-wrapping perfection! Third and subsequent comments all go along with previous posters. I aspire to be so inspired and learn the metalsmithing skills that I see in your pieces.

  • Wow, so many beautiful comments! Thanks so very much to all of you lovely folks! Both for the compliments on the necklace AND best wishes on the new website! I can finally see it on my own computer, spent hours today trying to figure out how to get into my computer’s system root settings to change a host file that was causing me problems…all good now, onward & upward! 😀

  • Lyone says:

    Just outstanding!! Love the double shield.

  • Sheila Thomas says:

    The hoop earrings are great, the Picasso necklace and earrings are amazing. I have enjoyed seeing and reading about your inspiration for each piece. This last necklace speaks volumes of creativity to me.

  • Debra Lowe says:

    LOVE, love this necklace, what a beauty!

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