Nita’s Nifty Trick Of The Day – Pickle Tip

by Dorothy Bourne.

Nita's Nifty Trick Of The Day - Pickle Tip by Dorothy Bourne - featured on Jewelry Making Journal

Dollar Store Strainers

Today I wanted to show a nifty little trick I discovered.

I’ve been practicing making copper balls out of scrap wire and chasing those little rascals around in the pickle was quite time consuming so I came up with a quick fix.

In my kitchen I had some dollar store strainers with plastic netting at the bottom.

I cut off the handle and extra tabs so I was just left with the cup part of the strainer.

Now after I quench my copper ball I drop it in the strainer cup.

When I’m done for the day, I put the whole cup in the pickle.

When it’s done, I take the cup out and put it in the water.

No more chasing little metal balls around for me!

Dorothy Bourne
NRU Creations

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