My Cabochons Are Fading – What Can I Do?

by Kathy.
(United States – Florida)

My Cabochons Are Fading - What Can I Do?  - Discussion on Jewelry Making Journal

I have found that after several craft shows my cabs begin to fade.

Is this due to repeated exposure to the sun and changes in temperature?

Or something I’m doing?

Or products I’m using?

Please help, I’m throwing away a lot of product because of this.

Thank you.

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  • pauline purdum says:

    What are they made from? If polymer clay and include alcohol inks as surface treatment, this will happen as ink migrates deeper into clay.

  • Hi, Kathy! I found a source with lots of info that may explain your cabochon problem:

    Over time, some gemstones lose their vividness of color. Quartz family gems are especially vulnerable to this problem. And sometime it’s due to scratches covering the surface.
    Rose quartz exposed to sunlight can lose its pinkness fairly quickly. Morganite and Kunzite are often referred to as “evening gems” as their colors are delicate and sparkly and look good at night. Worn in daylight, they look faded.

  • Bernard Silverman says:

    Hard to tell without more detail. I have been using Envirotex Lite 8 ounces, (50% off at Michaels) for 3 years to coat, seal and most anything else you can do with cabochons using a 2 part clear Epoxy. If a 2 part CLEAR epoxy is used in any of your processes, then I have found that, say a metal charm you are trying to seal and coat, if not cleaned (free of oil and moisture) before you put the epoxy on will result in amber discolorations within 3 months. Mixture ratio in your case could be wrong (I use a 3 cc Syringe for each Resin and Hardener). I have observed that many hardeners will turn amber over time-so are you using hardener that has already turned somewhat amber?
    Are you coating pieces that might have slight tarnish on them-then under a coat of clear epoxy they will continue to tarnish. Hope this helps and this magazine is great for a guy like me trying to stay afloat in the pendant making world. (Bernard Silverman) Art Pendant Designs, Houston,TX

  • Bernard, thank you for sharing your information on this.

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