MEBDesigns Jewelry Booth

by Mary Benton.
(McLean, VA, USA)

MEBDesigns Jewelry Booth at a home sale

I was inspired by a photo on this website, which seemed impossible to recreate as a jewelry booth idea, but I wanted something truly special.

I was not going to be present at this sale, so my shop had to speak for me, and for its virtual counterpart on etsy.

I started with old IKEA toy crates that I’d had for years: perfect for a structure, I thought. I painted them, added stock molding from Home Depot, which had a nice, organic design of leaves, which tied in nicely to the organic feel of my jewelry. I outlined the leaves in gold paint, installed under-the-cabinet lights, and put in small brass hooks for my earring cards.

I ended up making the necklace display stands (except for a few which I had previously bought), and all the jewelry tags and earring cards. I felt I couldn’t use stock cards that I ordered, since I wanted potential customers to know what materials each design included.

It was a lot of work, but I learned a lot and I now have a practical, flexible jewelry booth that reflects the organic and elegant quality of my jewelry.

Oh, and I found a two yard piece of beautiful silk velvet for under $8!

Mary Benton
MEB Designs Jewelry


From Discarded Crates to Fab Display!
by: Rena


The effect you created with a few simple, modular elements is stunning.

The focus is totally on your jewelry – and yet, the mini-boutique is so unique and compelling that I’m sure it draws folks from across the room.

It also works wonderfully in the space you have there.

The under-the-cabinet lights are an outstanding touch to illuminate your jewelry inside the crates.

I love this display idea, Mary! Thanks so much for sharing it with us.


by: Rachel

Wow…great work! You’ve created an absolutely *fabulous* display. Thank you so much for sharing!

MEB Design
by: Kathy McChesney

I love your mini-booths. Very creative. Thank you for sharing!


Love it!
by: Jody M

I love these displays, especially the lighting. You can really see the difference, look at the rest of the room! Very nice.

by: Fran

Your crate idea is outstanding, simple yet elegant, and highlights your lovely jewelry beautifully. The lighting is a wonderful idea and really creates a ‘jewelry showcase.’ Love it!

Another thought
by: Anonymous

Thanks for all the lovely comments! I wanted to add that I put reflective silver poster paper on the outside of the crates, so that one doesn’t see any clutter through the crate slates. That adds an elegant touch as well.

You should be proud!
by: The Glass Chef

What a brilliant idea to add the lights! Fantastic!

Jewelry Display
by: CrystalAllure

Your display is just lovely!! -Stephanie

Under the Counter
by: Helene

Hiya, Mary. This is a great idea of yours ~ and ecological, too (reduce, reuse, recyle).

I want to know more about the under the counter lights. Are you using the bulky strip lights? Or are you using the small dot lights that have some kind of stickum so you can just slap them in place without using screws or nails?

The first seems to me a bit heavy for these lovely jewellery room boxes. And the second, from experience, don’t give off enough light and they are short-lived.

Can you let me know what counter lights you use, please.

Just 1 more thing: I wonder what the room boxes would look like if one used rope lights. Or the small Christmas lights.

Well, that’s what I think.
Helene ~

Love it…
by: Dee Gordon

I love it! Very creative and definitely eye catching…Awesome job!! Thanks for sharing.

Beautiful Displays – Beautiful Jewelry & Art
by: Kathie L

Happy New Year! Your displays are simply beautiful. Your beautification of simplicity is stunning! I went to you your blog, as well, and your work is simply beautiful! May your new year be filled with great health and prosperity!

Lighting on amy Jewelry Display
by: MEBDesigns

Helene, I used small round under cabinet lights, one for each of the lengthwise displays, and two on the horizontal crate. They are white, to better blend in with the crates, and concealed mainly thanks to the molding. I did not use halogen lights as I was concerned about all the heat that they would emit.

I bought a strand of miniature white Christmas-type lights, but ended up not using them because the under cabinet lights worked fine, but I think there would be many different (and creative) ways to light such a jewelry display.

Awesome Idea!
by: Two Doxies Jewelry

I have been looking for an idea for use in my displays at salons. The chemicals are brutal on silver and everything tarnishes. If I could reproduce this with plexiglass surrounds this would be awesome and easy to transport to my shows. Thanks!!

Kathie Nightingale

by: Siggi

Your setup is super! it is simple, small, and elegant. I love it! It is easy for potential customers to see all your jewelry at a glance.

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