Making A New Start with My Jewelry Business

by Teresa Dison.
(Georgia, USA)

Making A New Start with My Jewelry Business

I’m writing this post because I am trying to get out into the world with my jewelry.

I have been let go from a job I’ve been on for 11 years and have not had any luck in finding another job.

I have a good feel of how to make jewelry as well as crochet and sewing.

I feel that the jewelry will be easy to put out and I’m trying to see about making money with a business of my own.

So my question to you is, if I have a few people who say I have decent jewelry and should put it out, should that be enough to get it moving.

Please help me with your best opinion, and by the way I did submit so of my work to you in the past.

And yes I do have a disability that has no time of showing up and with the stress it shows up more.

Your thoughts will be greatly appreciated. Plus, is there a way to get a grant to start a business? Just a question, not a picture.

Teresa Dison

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  • Hi Teresa! Regarding grants:

    Since you’re in the U.S., you can explore this site: .

    Also, you can find more grant opportunities with online searches for
    “art grants”
    “artist grants”
    “craft grants”
    “disability grants”.

    But most of all, I recommend that you contact this organization:
    Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE). Their website: . They provide free business advice and mentoring, by seasoned business experts. It’s well worth contacting them to get your business on the right track. You can even connect with SCORE mentors located in your state – all for free.

    I hope this helps, Teresa – and let us know how it goes for you! 🙂

  • The SBA in your area should be able to help. They have a free mentoring service here in Vermont, not sure about Georgia. They help every step of the way and at no charge.

  • daisy says:

    so sorry to hear about your job loss but good luck with getting your business going

  • Good luck with your new venture.

  • Kathy Zee says:

    Hi Teresa, you posed a very good question. I have been making jewelry since 2006. I have an Etsy store and do craft shows. I would not be able to support myself making jewelry and selling it. This is an honest answer. I have been turned down for many shows because they have too many jewelry people and have to limit it and they have not even seen my jewelry…. The market is saturated. If you want to make jewelry and make enough to live on, find a nitch. Something that no one else is making..or very few are making. Talk to stores in your area who carry artists jewelry. See what they can tell you about the market in your area. They may give you an idea of what you could make that they don’t have. Specialize in something so when people see it they know it’s your jewelry. Maybe make beaded trees instead of necklaces…something different that people would buy. I saw some picture frames that were made from vintage earrings and pieces of jewelry and broken dishes. They were gorgeous…anyway just my vision of how you can set yourself apart to make an item that would sell and you could make a living doing it. My best to you and I will pray for your success.

  • Altagracia Vasquez says:

    Teresa, you have a good feeling about making it with the jewelry, crochet, and sewing you do. So you already succeeding! I am putting all my heart and soul in making each jewelry pieces I make. They alone could tell me more about what people draw them. I believe every jewelry maker is unique. I saw many on Etsy who have higher, lower, and just the same as my type of jewelry but I don’t let it put me down or have doubts. I learn and look at their work as art – their art made with love, care, heart, and soul just like you and me. I think you just have to go out and try. Congratulations! And best of luck and success!

  • Hello Teresa,
    I am also in GA and I also make jewelry; however, because of my disability, I cannot attend shows or go around to shops to sell my jewelry. However, I don’t let that stop me from creating beaded jewelry. I sell handmade jewelry on Amazon and I have a website. Yes! The handmade jewelry platform seems to be saturated; however, again that has never stopped me from creating. It’s no different than going into a store and choosing one item over another, so I look at my jewelry the same way, that out of all the choices, a buyer may choose my piece. Here is a recommendation, if you are able to get out and about, you may consider wearing your best piece of jewelry, peruse small stores and you will no doubt get complimented, and that’s your lead in to introduce yourself and your product. Good luck!

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