Making A New Start with My Jewelry Business

by Teresa Dison.
(Georgia, USA)

Making A New Start with My Jewelry Business

I’m writing this post because I am trying to get out into the world with my jewelry.

I have been let go from a job I’ve been on for 11 years and have not had any luck in finding another job.

I have a good feel of how to make jewelry as well as crochet and sewing.

I feel that the jewelry will be easy to put out and I’m trying to see about making money with a business of my own.

So my question to you is, if I have a few people who say I have decent jewelry and should put it out, should that be enough to get it moving.

Please help me with your best opinion, and by the way I did submit so of my work to you in the past.

And yes I do have a disability that has no time of showing up and with the stress it shows up more.

Your thoughts will be greatly appreciated. Plus, is there a way to get a grant to start a business? Just a question, not a picture.

Teresa Dison

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