Tip for a Mess of Rhinestones

by Debra Lowe.
(Colorful Colorado)

Tip for a Mess of Rhinestones by Degra Lowe

Having arthritis is a HUGE drag, I constantly drop things. Like, yesterday, I knocked over an open case of teeny tiny rhinestones, on to carpet.

After I screamed, I sat on the floor and gathered as much as I could by hand.

Then I decided to use packing tape to try and gather the rest.

Rolled the tape over every place I saw sparkles, gathered a good amount.

Great, now the task of removing them from the tape…another pain in the bumm.

I had a brain storm and put the pieces of tape in a bowl of warm water and TA-DA, they all came off.

Used a strainer to gather them from the water.

WooHoo! Now all I have to do is separate all the colors…again.

I just wanted to share in case anyone else had this issue.

Back to sorting, tweezers in hand.

Debra Lowe

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