Making a Focal Straight

by Pat Williamson.
(Minneapolis, Mn)

Making a Focal Straight  - Discussion on Jewelry Making Journal

Occasionally I will have problems getting my focal to hang straight and not turn while wearing it.

Are there any guidelines to use to keep this from happening?

I’ve been told it is probably a weight issue but that’s not always the case. I’ve tried several ways using different jump ring configurations and sometimes it’s successful and then again not.

I’m really frustrated.

Any tips you have would be welcomed.  Thank you.

Pat Williamson
Azmin Design

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  • Amy Hackler says:

    Try adding one more jump ring.

  • Binesiikwe says:

    Use at least 2 jump rings and it should hang straighten.

  • Sometimes using a flat bail will work this issue out.

  • leslie says:

    perhaps the back of your focal should be flat

  • Becky says:

    I agree with Leslie. Also, just the plain fact that the piece is usually worn on a woman’s chest (not exactly a flat surface) it will tend to turn with movement.

  • What kind of necklace are you making? All hanging issues are related to the physics of mass distribution. If this is a bead woven piece you can adapt the work by the addition of mass in appropriate places to offset the incorrect hang. Is this a matter of twisting or a matter of drooping on one side? I had this mass distribution problem in one of my Feminine Power Pendants but managed to correct it by slightly changing the positioning of some of the components. Hard to describe without an image, sorry.

  • Sandy West says:

    I find that if I make the bail with 2 “wraps” and separate them into a “V”shape it helps. Hard to describe. Please see one of my designs on Etsy since I can’t post a picture here. Ricki Hand Made Original Design necklace with Stone from Ireland at,stats:true/643096896

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