Lily Pad

by Lara Scarberry.
(Richland, Washington, USA)


It all started when I was bored and feeling uninspired. And I had an out-of-circulation three-pence (thruppence!), a rolling mill, a hammer, and an anvil, plus some rivets and sheet metal. I ran the three-pence coin through the rolling mill until it split, and then decided that it looked sort of like a lily pad.

I hammered on it a bit, then ground off the rough edges with wet/dry sandpaper, riveted on a metal flower I bought from somebody on Etsy, made a bail and riveted that on, and called it finished. I snapped a few photos because I thought it was funky-looking and emailed it to several friends…one of whom bought it that day!

Sometimes it pays off to just see what happens!

Lara Scarberry


by: Leigh

This is great. You are right it is funky looking but wonderful. I can see why your friends want one.

Lily pad pendant
by: Lara

Thanks for the kind words. I have approximately 25 pounds of foreign, out-of-circulation coins of various nationalities (well, foreign for a U.S. citizen), and they make great blanks once I run ’em through my rolling mill a few times. Can do all kinds of nifty stuff.

Lilypad pendant
by: Rena

What a fun and interesting experiment! I like the foldover bail – it works really well with the lilypad.

The texture on the lilypad is cool, and the flower is the perfect touch to accent it without taking over the design.

Thanks so much for sharing this unique metalwork pendant with us! I’m not surprised someone bought it as soon as she saw it. 🙂

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