What I Learned by Visiting Artists’ Online Shops

by Rena Klingenberg.

What I Learned by Visiting Artists' Online Shops, by Rena Klingenberg, Jewelry Making Journal

When I was new to selling my jewelry online, I used to look at other artists’ shops much differently than I do now.

Back then I visited their online shops as part of a research mission – trying to pinpoint the “best way” to sell handmade items on the Web.

And although that’s no longer why I visit artists’ online shops, here are some insights I gained from that research:

6 things I learned from
visiting artists’ online shops

  1. There isn’t just one best way of making sales in an online shop. Many different approaches can be successful.
  2. What works for one artist online may not work for others – even if their work is in the same genre.
  3. When you see an artist charging particular prices (either high or low) – that doesn’t mean they’re necessarily making sales at those prices. Or that they wouldn’t make more sales by raising those prices.
  4. Artists whose work and online presence have an authentic originality tend to accumulate dedicated followers.
  5. When you visit an artist’s online shop, you may be seeing some experimental strategies they’re testing – not necessarily tried & true things that have worked for them.
  6. Artists who work consistently on building their online following and directing it to their shop tend to sell their work a lot more regularly.

Now I visit artists’ online shops
for a different reason.

Instead of doing research, I now visit artists’ shops simply because I love visiting them!

I love seeing the artistry, the photography, the “personality” of a shop, how the artist writes product descriptions, and everything.

I enjoy wandering around – admiring, appreciating, and sometimes making a purchase! 🙂

What do you learn or enjoy
when you visit other artists’ online shops?

Older Comments:

zoraida says:

I love to see great photography and creative design on any website. I find it extremely annoying to see tiny, blurry photos of what might be awesome jewelry. I like to see big, personalized banners, some bio with information about what the artist does and a little bit of personality thrown in.
Since I often create collections on Artfire and pin things on my boards on Pinterest, I bypass poor quality images even if I like the jewelry.

Lissie says:

So fun to read! I did exactly the same as you!
Not with my first shop (it was in 1997 and internet was not was it is today )
But with second shop i did that. It was so many thing I didn’t think off before I saw others professional shops.

Sheri Vickery says:

As a newbie in the jewelry business & online merchandising, anything you write is SO helpful!
One drawback for me on any given website, whether jewelry related or not, are misspellings & poor use of punctuation. Even when searching my local craigslist.com for other reasons, I will steer clear of any posting that can’t make use of spell check 🙂
Keep up the good work, Rena!

irina dalah says:

I’m at the learning how others do it stage, but still…
it always amuses me how many times I find out I’m not the only one to do some clever trick, even though I think I’m alone ;-D

what’s especially nice about your posts is that there’s always something new, even if it is only one little thing and not the whole post.

thanks for sharing, and taking the pains to find new, useful, interesting aspects of the business!
have a great holidays season!

Sheila Davis says:

I like to read about the artists vision for the designs and I agree about photographs, I don’t like looking at a poor quality picture that needs to be cropped and edited. I like a well written intro, not one that talks about their latest surgery etc.

Rose says:

I love browsing and taking notes from successful shopowners. Good point about the testing element – and yes, I do testing, too! Loved reading your observations, Rena.

Tracy Rhynas says:

I think that the more one browses and looks at other websites, the more one picks up tips and tricks almost subconsciously, which as a newcomer to the online world is very helpful. The accummulation of knowledge can only help our individaul endeavours. On a personal level I enjoy reading people’s bio’s and I tend to be very put off when they do not have a picture or photo – I like to know who I am interacting with – if there is no picture I almost feel as though they are not interested or have something to hide! And I love looking at the photographs – seeing what works and what doesn’t. Some sites have really beautiful photographs which I aspire to…..practice makes perfect!!

LaRiesha Floyd says:

I love looking around to other websites to see how they operate, how it’s set up, do they have a blog, how do they blog, etc. In fact that is how I found this site 🙂

Consuelo Alburg says:

I like visiting other online shops not only for new ideas but because I love to window shop. There are so many different approaches to building a online shop. They are as varied as we are as people. Some have small pictures not of the best quality, but that just means to me that this probably someone who makes great jewelry but a novice at photography. We all started less skillful in some aspects of running a online shop, didn’t we?
Some website look like they have very small photos, but most of them zoom in larger when we click on a photo, I have found.
Rena,you always have such interesting blogs. I love reading them and all the comments.

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